MARC 264 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice

MARC field 264 in the bibliographic format contains information about the production, publication, distribution, manufacture, and/or copyright of an item. This field is repeatable.

Basic use and searching

Basic use

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The contents of this field are searchable in Hamnet. On the Advanced Search tab, select Published/Created Place, Publisher/Printer Name, or Published/Created Date and enter a keyword or keywords.

Commonly-used tags

1st indicator – Sequence of statements

# - Not applicable 

2nd indicator – Function of entity

0 - Production
1 - Publication
2 - Distribution
3 - Manufacture
4 - Copyright notice date

Subfield delimiters

ǂ3 Materials specified (NR)
ǂa Place of production, publication, distribution, manufacture (R)
ǂb Name of producer, publisher, distributor, manufacturer (R)
ǂc Date of production, publication, distribution, manufacture, or copyright notice (R)

Policy and formulation

The 264 field is used in records that conform to the RDA cataloging standard (at the Folger, this is used to catalog modern materials). It is also used in records that conform to DCRM(G) and DCRM(MSS), rare cataloging standards for visual materials and manuscripts.

The DCRM(B) standard, used for descriptive cataloging of rare books, was developed for use with the AACR2 standard, and as such uses the MARC 260 field rather than the MARC 264 field.

Voyager configuration


264  1 ǂa São Paulo, Brasil : ǂb Illuminuras, ǂc 2017.
264  2 ǂa Tubarão [Brazil] : ǂb Copiart Gráfica, ǂc 2017.
264  4 ǂc ©2017.
264  1 ǂa [London] : ǂb [Published at the Office], ǂc [1940]
264  1 ǂa El Segundo, CA : ǂb Mattel, Inc., ǂc [2004]
264  4 ǂc ©2004.

Manuscript Examples

Known, single date:

264 #0 ǂa London, ǂc 1556 August 10.
500 ## ǂa Dated "Aug 10, 1556."

Known, single date and more specific location:

264 #0 ǂa London, ǂc 1556 August 10.
500 ## ǂa Lambeth Palace, London.

Lady Day dating:

264 #0 ǂa Durham, ǂc 1649/1650 January 20.
500 ## ǂa Dated "January 20th, 1649/50" [i.e. 1650].

Uncertain date:

264 #0 ǂa York, ǂc between circa 1680 and circa 1700.
500 #0 ǂa Date based on dealer's description "ca. 1690."

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