MARC 110 Heading Corporate Name

MARC field 110 in the authority and bibliographic formats contains information on formulating a corporate name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. Since the same instructions apply for formulating access points of persons regardless of where it is used in a bibliographic record, this article covers MARC fields 610, 710, and 810.

Commonly-used tags

First Indicator - Type of corporate name entry element

0 - Inverted name
1 - Jurisdiction name
3 - Name in direct order 

Second indicator



ǂa - Corporate or jurisdiction name (NR)
ǂb - Subordinate unit (NR)
ǂc - Location of meeting (R)
ǂd - Date of meeting or treaty signing (NR)
ǂe - Relator term (R)
ǂf - Date of a work (NR)

Policy and formulation

Basic formulation of corporate names

  • When establishing firms as corporate name headings, default to including the location (in its established form) within the heading. Ex:

110 2 Rock's Mills Press (Oakville, Ont.)
110 2 Presbyterian Press (Accra, Ghana)

Theater headings

  • Establish name headings for theaters when there is strong evidence that they existed as an administrative organization, distinct from a theater company or a building.
  • Include "Organization" and the location (in its established form) of the theater. Include dates/date ranges as necessary (for instance, if the theater changed its name, but then reverted back to the previous name, it would need separate headings with date ranges for each).

(Examples to come)

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