MARC 046 Special Coded Dates (Bibliographic)

MARC 21 field 046 in the Bibliographic format contains date of item information that cannot be recorded in 008/06-14 (Type of date/Publication status, Date 1, Date 2). For our purposes, it will be used primarily when a transcribed date on an item is incorrect and has been corrected in the 260/264ǂc, whether because of unintentional errors, deliberate attempts to mislead, or the date is of an original resource when you are cataloging a reproduction. Note: MARC field 046 Special Coded Dates also exists in the authority format, but is defined differently.

Commonly-used tags


1st Indicator - Type of entity

# - No information provided

2nd Indicator



ǂa Type of date code = x for incorrect date 
ǂc Date 1 (C.E. date) 
ǂe Date 2 (C.E. date)

Policy and formulation

  • When field 046 is used for incorrect dates, field 008/06 is coded for the type of corrected data and field 008/07-10 and 008/11-14 contain correct dates.
  • Hamnet indexes the 008 and the 046 dates in the staff modules and the opac. See
  • OCLC Connexion does not index the 008 dates when an 046 exists. See #22479058


Single part/multi-part items complete in single year with an incorrect date, complete the fixed fields for the corrected date, and add the incorrect date from the resource in field 046.

  • A work dated 1730 was actually printed in 1703
260 ǂc 1730 [i.e. 1703] 
DtSt s
Dates 1703,####
046##x ǂc 1730
  • A painted portrait of Shakespeare inscribed 1611 is actually a fake
260 ǂc 1611 [i.e. 19th century]
DtSt s
Dates 18uu,####
046##x ǂc 1611
  • Multi-volume work published 1616-1619, but the first volume was misdated '1617'
260 ǂc 1617-1619 [i.e. 1616-1619]
DtSt m
Dates 1616,1619
046##x ǂc 1617
  • Multi-volume work published 1616-1619, but the last volume was misdated '1618'
260 ǂc 1616-1618 [i.e. 1616-1619]
DtSt m
Dates 1616,1619
046####x ǂe 1618
  • Facsimile reproduction published 1825-1828 of a multi-volume work carries only dates of the original, published 1616-1619
260 ǂc 1616-1618 [i.e. 1825-1828]
DtSt m
Dates 1825,1828
046##x ǂc 1616 ǂe 1619

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