List of vault material acquired in 2016/17

This list identifies the 471 vault items (or groups of items) received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. For information about how these acquisitions fit within the collection, see the Folger's Collection Development policy. Everything in this list is in Hamnet, sometimes fully cataloged, sometimes with an accession-level record.

Important: the information below comes from purchase order information, so might no longer match descriptions in Hamnet. Follow the Hamnet link for the most recent information.

Type Main Name Title Created/Published Date Received Hamnet Link
Art [First day cover Royal Mail stamp set commemorating the tercentenary anniversary of Shakespeare's death, England, 5 April 2016] [United States] : [Royal Mail], [2016] 2016 7/2/2016
Manuscript Campbell, Lewis, 1830-1908, Autograph letter signed from Lewis Campbell, (London?), to Dr. Ward 1899 7/6/2016
Book Prothocolle des secretaires... Paris : J. Longis and P. Sergent, [ca. 1533] 1533 7/6/2016
Manuscript Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682, Autograph letter signed from Sir Thomas Browne, Norwich, to Sir William Dugdale 1658 7/6/2016
Book Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667, Vision, concerning his late pretended Highnesse Cromwell, the wicked ; containing a discourse in vindication of him by a pretended angel, and the conf London : Printed for Henry Herringman at the Anchor in the lower walk in the New Exchange, 1661. 1661 7/6/2016
Manuscript England and Wales. Privy Council. Order to pay Roger Aston for delivery to the King for the expenses of his journey to England. Whitehall 1603 7/6/2016
Book Treasurie of auncient and moderne times· : Containing the learned collections, iudicious readings, and memorable obseruations: not onely diuine, morr London : Printed by W. Iaggard, 1613. 1613 7/6/2016
Book Radnor, John Robartes, Earl of, 1606-1685, Declaration of the noble resolution of the Earle of Essex his Excellence : Concerning his intention in going forth with this great army, consisting of London : Printed for T. Banks, 1642. 1642 7/6/2016
Art Steudner, Daniel, Kurtze Relation, über dero Röm: Kaiserl: Maj: Maj: Leopoldi und Eleonorae Magdalenae Theresiae, wie auch ihrer Königl: Maj: zu Hungern Josephi, Augsburg : Gedruckt und zu finden bey Anthonio Nepperschmidt und Daniel Steudner, [1689] 1622 7/6/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Pyramus & Thisbe : distilled from the pages of A midsummer night's dream / Monmouthshire : Old Stile Press, 2003. 2003 7/6/2016
Manuscript Of the Commendable estate of Widowehoode [caption title], uuuu 7/7/2016
Art Hogenberg, Frans, approximately 1539-1590, Classis Hispanica 30 Maii Anno 1588. Lisbona Angliam contra emissa [Cologne], [ca. 1588] 1588 7/7/2016
Art Norfolk [London], [1676] 1676 7/7/2016
Manuscript Terry, Ellen, Dame, 1847-1928, Letters from Ellen Terry to various correspondents 1880-1915. 1880 7/7/2016
Book E. Rimmels almanac 1868 / Paris, London : J. Cheret, 1868. 1868 7/7/2016
Book Scotland. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary) His Majesties most gracious letter to the Parliament of Scotland. : Published by authority. Edinburgh : Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson, 1690. 1690 7/12/2016
Book Markham, Thomas, -1694, Account of the life and death of our faithful Friend and fellow-labourer in the gospel, Thomas Markham : with several testimonies concerning him given London : T. Sowle, 1695. 1695 7/12/2016
Book Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710, Spiritual community, vindicated amongst people of different perswasions in some things. [London] : [publisher not identified], [1687] 1687 7/12/2016
Book Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting of Women Friends. From our Womens meeting held at York, the 15, and 16th. days of the fourth month, 1692. To every particular womans monthly meeting ; within this count [London] : [publisher not identified], [1692] 1692 7/12/2016
Book Watson, Samuel, approximately 1618-1708, Heavenly visitation to the travelling soul and generation born again of the immortal seed With a testimony of the regenerate and true birth thereunto. [York?] : [s.n.], [1685] 1685 7/12/2016
Book Truth exalted, and the peaceable fellowship and exercise thereof vindicated against the abusive clamours of a dividing false spirit : Given forth in a [York?] : [s.n.], printed in the year, 1685. 1685 7/12/2016
Book Rudyard, Thomas, 1642?-1695, Case of protestant dissenters : shewing that the laws made in the 23d and 28th of Queen Elizabeth, for forfeiture of 20 l. a month, for absenting from London : Printed for Benjamin Clark, 1682. 1682 7/12/2016
Book Just complaint of the oppressed : because convicted, fined & distrained excessively, unsummon'd & unheard in their own defence; upon the clandestine e [London] : [s.n.], [1684?] 1684 7/12/2016
Book Waite, Mary, Warning to all Friends who professeth the everlasting truth of God : which he hath revealed and made manifest in this his blessed day, (whether on thi [London] : [s.n.], [1679] 1679 7/12/2016
Book Whiting, John, 1656-1722, Abstract of the lives, precepts, and sayings, of the ancient fathers, which immediately succeeded Christ, and his apostles : Faithfully collected, and London : Printed for Thomas Howkins, in George-yard, in Lombard-Street, 1684. 1684 7/12/2016
Book Tyso, John, -1700, Ansvver to a dark confused paper: entituled Several things given forth by John Aynsloe : Wherein his confusion and dark spirit is manifest and reprove London : Printed for Benjamin Clark ..., 1683. 1683 7/12/2016
Book Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713, Rogero-mastix : a rod for William Rogers, in return for his riming scourge, &c. / [Place of publication not identified], 1685. 1685 7/12/2016
Book Lawson, Thomas, 1630-1691, Mite into the treasury : being a word to artists, especially to heptatechnists, the professors of the seven liberal arts, so called, grammer, logick, London : Printed by Andrew Sowle, 1680. 1680 7/12/2016
Book Aldam, Thomas, 1649-1723, Short testimony concerning that faithful servant of the Lord Thomas Aldam of Warnsworth in the county of York ; who in patience and tribulation was a London : [printed for Thomas Northcott], [1690] 1690 7/12/2016
Book Brief account of some of the late and present sufferings of the people called Quakers : for meeting together to worship God in spirit and truth. Being London : Printed by Andrew Sowle, and are sold at his shop in Devonshire New-buildings, without Bishops-Gate, 1680. 1680 7/12/2016
Book Particular account of the late and present great sufferings and oppressions of the people called Quakers upon prosecutions against them in the Bishops London : Printed by Andrew Sowle, and sold at his shop in Devonshire New-buildings, without Bishops-Gate, 1680. 1680 7/12/2016
Book Penn, William, 1644-1718, Good advice to the Church of England, Roman Catholick, and Protestant dissenter. : In which it is endeavoured to be made appear that it is their duty, London : Printed, and sold, by Andrew Sowle, at the Crooked-Billet in Holloway-Lane in Shoreditch, and at the Three Keys in Nags-Head-Court in Grace-Church-Street, over-against the Conduit, 1687. 1687 7/12/2016
Book Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713, Discourse concerning riots Occasioned by some of the people called Quakers, being imprisoned and indicted for a riot, for only being at a peaceable me London : Printed for Benjamin Clark in George-Yard in Lombard-Street, MDCLXXXIII. [1683] 1683 7/12/2016
Book Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713, Caution to constables, and other inferiour officers, concerned in the execution of the Conventicle-Act. : With some observations thereupon, humbly off London : Printed, for William Skeate, and are to be sold in George-yard in Lombard-street, 1683. 1683 7/12/2016
Manuscript Miscellany volume on art perspective and color, Shakespeare's plays, wordbook of Shakespeare's poems 1870 7/12/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Macbeth / Guildford (Surrey) : Circle Press Publications, 1970. 1970 7/14/2016
Art Warren's (Firm), George Riddle Boston : Warren's Portraits, [late 19th century?] 1880-1880 7/14/2016
Manuscript Relacion verdadera del Armada Inglesa que [?] sobre la baya de Cadiz en Domingo 30 de Junio de 1596 [?] desastre […] Recopilada de verdaderas cartas 1596 7/14/2016
Book Seller, John, active 1658-1698, Sea-gunner : shewing the practical part of gunnery, as it is used at sea. And, as an introduction thereto, there is exhibited two compendiums, one of London : Printed by H. Clark for the author, and are to sold [sic] by him at the Hermitage in Wapping, 1691. 1691 7/14/2016
Manuscript Patten, Mercury, Bluemantle Pursuivant uuuu 7/14/2016
Manuscript Culinary manuscript compilation, 1680 7/19/2016
Book Terence, Publii Terentii Comoediae sex : quibus accedunt notae marginales Joh. Min-ellii. Cantabrigiae : Ex officina Johannis Hayes, celeberrimae Academiae typographi. 1676. Prostant venales apud Edvar. Story, Joan. Creed, Henric. Dickinson bibliopolas Cantab, [1676] 1676 7/19/2016
Book Voltaire, 1694-1778, Schreiben des Herrn von Voltaire an die Akademie Françoise über den englischen Schauspieldichter Shakespear / Hamburg : Gedruckt bey A. Harmsen, 1777. 1777 7/19/2016
Manuscript Wing, Vincent, 1619-1668, Manuscript survey entitled 'An exact and perfect Survey of the Lordship of Bringhurst in the County of Leicester, being taken and admeasured by the Pe 1658 7/19/2016
Manuscript Hall, Christopher, active approximately 1656-1727 Commonplace book from Lancastershire, 1656 7/19/2016
Book N. H., Pleasant art of money-catching, newly and fully discover'd : being the second and last part of that very useful book, intituled The compleat tradesman London : Printed for J. Dunton over against the Stocks-market, 1684. 1684 7/20/2016
Book Bryksenkova, Yelena, Romeo and Juliet / New York, New York : Rock Point, a division of Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc., [2015] 2015-2015 7/26/2016
Book William Shakespeare Telephone Book. Bath : Robert Frederick Ltd., 1993. 1993 7/26/2016
Book Worshipful company of innholders. Oath of every hostler, tapster, and chamberlain. [London], [ca. 1680] 1680 7/28/2016
Book Déclaration presentée au roy d'Angleterre / Paris : Chez Matthieu le Blanc, 1621. 1621 7/28/2016
Manuscript Venice (Italy) Preprinted, prepaid letter sheet, AQ [Acque]. No. 4555 [Venice], [1634?] 1634 7/28/2016
Manuscript Venice (Italy) Preprinted, prepaid letter sheet, AQ [Acque]. No. 3471 [Venice], [1653-1661?] 165u-166u 7/28/2016
Manuscript Venice (Italy) Preprinted, prepaid letter sheet, AQ [Acque]. No. 11710 [Venice], [1653-1657?] 165u 7/28/2016
Manuscript Venice (Italy) Preprinted, prepaid letter sheet, AQ [Acque]. No. 7771 [Venice], [1670-1672] 1670 7/28/2016
Manuscript Venice (Italy) Preprinted, prepaid letter sheet, AQ [Acque]. No. 5347 [Venice], [1685-1703?] 168u-170u 7/28/2016
Book Lavezzoli, Giacomo, 1510-1585, Helicon Iacobi La Vezoli Ferrariensis, canonici regularis Diui Augustini ... : ad illustrissimum d. Dominum Herculem Estensem, eius nominis Secundum, Impressum Ferrariae : Per Franciscum Rubeum Valentinum, mense Aprili, 1535. 1535 8/16/2016
Manuscript Roelands, David, T'Magazin oft pac-huys der loffelycler penn-const; vol subtyle ende lustighe trecken percken beelden, ende figuren van menshen, van beesten, voghelen, uuuu 8/16/2016
Book Poet's corner : Shakespeare calendar. New York : International Art Publishing, [1906] 1906 8/16/2016
Art Tragedian Lawrence Barrett Cleveland, OH : W. J. Morgan & Co., lith., [ca. 1880] 1880 8/16/2016
Book Robson and Crane Comedy of Errors chromolithographed souvenir. New York : Lindner, Eddy & Clauss., Lith., [1885] 1885 8/16/2016
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, Bearded men with a wart [London] : [s.n.], [1645] 1644 8/16/2016
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, Young woman with bonnet [London] : [s.n.], [1635] 1644 8/16/2016
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, Catherine Howard [London] : [s.n.], [1646] 1644 8/16/2016
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, Woman with a rope of pearls in her hair [London] : [s.n.], [1645] 1644 8/16/2016
Book Catholic Church. Pope (1585-1590 : Sixtus V) Riforma del vestire, delle doti, et d'altre spese. In Roma : Per gli heredi d'Antonio Blado, Stampatori Camerali, 1586. 1587 8/19/2016
Book La Roque de La Lontière, Gilles-André de, 1598-1686. Traité de l'origine des noms et des surnoms... tant chez les anciens peuples que chez les Français, les Espagnols, les Anglais, les Allemands, les Paris : E. Michallet, 1681. 1681 8/19/2016
Art Mortimer, John Hamilton, 1740-1779, Tragedy uuuu 8/27/2016
Art Mortimer, John Hamilton, 1740-1779, Comedy uuuu 8/27/2016
Art Mortimer, John Hamilton, 1740-1779, Pastoral uuuu 8/27/2016
Art Mortimer, John Hamilton, 1740-1779, Elegy uuuu 8/27/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Life and death of King Iohn = Leben und Sterben des Königs John / Buchholz in der Nordheide : Verlag Uwe Laugwitz, 2016. 2016 9/7/2016
Book Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581, Histoire du divorce de Henry VIII., roy d'Angleterre, et de Catherine D'Arragon : avec la Défense de Sanderus : la Refutation des deux premiers livr Paris : Veuve d'E. Martin, 1688. 1688 9/7/2016
Art Harari, Hananiah, 1912- Thirst, too, seeks quality [Atlanta?] : [Coca-Cola Company], [1950] 1950 9/13/2016
Book Tensini, Agostino, Uera regola dello scriuere : utile à giouani. Si vende in Bassano : Al negozio Remondini, [ca. 1790] 1790 9/14/2016
Book Herink, Richie, Shakespeare's mother wrote Shakespeare. 2016. 2002 9/15/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Welcome Shakespeare : all the plays / Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands : William F. Gembus, 2015. 2015 9/15/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Tango Macbeth : the film is the thing / Philadelphia : Harmony Image Productions, MMXI [2011] 2011 9/15/2016
Book Gladstone, Eric, No holds bard. Admiral, April, 2016. 2016 9/15/2016
Book Grimaldi, Giacinto, Dell'Alchimia, opra che con fondamenti di buona filosofia, e perspicuità ammirabile tratta della realtà, difficoltà e nobiltà di tanta scienza In Palermo : Nella Stamperia d'Alfonso dell' Isola, 1645. 1645 9/15/2016
Book Galpin Shakespeare Club (Los Angeles, Calif.), Shakespeare Anniversary [program]. Cumnock Hall. April twenty-fourth, Nineteen Hundered and Nine / [Los Angeles] : Galpin Shakespeare Club, 1909. 1909 9/16/2016
Art Matteson, Steve, Sonnet 123 Boulder, CO : Book Arts League. 2016 9/16/2016
Art Oldham, Robert W., 1938- William Shakespeare Sonnet 115 Yellow Spring, Ohio : Ad Lib Press, 2016. 2016 9/16/2016
Realia Mattel, Juliet, from the ballet Romeo and Juliet Mississauga, Ontario : Mattel. uuuu 9/16/2016
Realia Gosling, Mya L., Shakespeare '16 election bumper sticker collection., [2016] 201u 9/16/2016
Book Jones, Stephen Graham, 1972- Most Excellent and Yet Horrific Comedy of 13th Night Previously Conceived by that most Merry Band, Deborah Hollis, Illya Kowalchuk, and William Kuskin Boulder, Colorado, 2016. 2016 9/22/2016
Book Gottardi, Pier Gio. Conversione della beata Margarita da Cortona, suora del terz'ordine del Scrafico Padre S. Francisco... Stampata in Genova : Per Pietro Giouanni Calenzano, e Gio Maria Farroni, compagni, [1637] 1640 9/27/2016
Manuscript Smith, Richard, Fine early eighteenth century illustrated and calligraphic manuscript, uuuu 9/27/2016
Manuscript Cordial waters simple waters and syrrups, uuuu 9/27/2016
Book House at Stratford-on-Avon, for sale by acution by Mr. Robins, at the Mart, London, on ... Septr. 16 ... : [with notice of sale in 1847]. [London] : [Alfred Robins, Printer], [1847] 1847 9/27/2016
Book Ray, John, 1627-1705, Catalogus plantarum Angliae, et insularum adjacentium : tum indigenas, tum in agris passim cultas complectens. In quo praeter synonyma necessaria facu Londini : Typis E.C. [et] A.C. : Impensis J. Martyn ..., 1670. 1670 9/27/2016
Book Particulars of Shakespeare's house at Stratford-on-Avon, for sale by acution by Mr. Robins, at the Mart, London, on ... Septr. 16 ... : [with notice o [London] : [publisher not identified], [1847] 1847 9/27/2016
Book Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610, Elizabethae, Angliae reginae haeresin Caluinianam propugnantis, saeuissimum in Catholicos sui regni edictum, : quod in alios quóque reipublicae Chri Lugduni : Apud Ioannem Didier, 1592. 1592 10/3/2016
Book Mariae Stuartae Scotorum Reginae, principis Catholicae, nuper ab Elizabetha Regina, et ordinibus Angliae, post nouendecim annorum captiuitatem in arce Coloniae : Apud Godefridum Kempensem, anno M.D. LXXXVII [1587] 1587 10/3/2016
Manuscript Sidney, Mary Dudley, Lady, 1530-1586, Letter signed with autograph postscript from Lady Mary Sidney (nee Dudley), Lambeth, to John Cockram, 1574 10/6/2016
Book McCreery, Conor, Kill Shakespeare / San Diego, CA : IDW Publishing, 2010- 2010-9999 10/14/2016
Book Akerley, Kathleen, FEAR: a comedy? about performing Shakespeare. Washington, D.C., 2016. 2016 10/20/2016
Book Cope, Wendy, Triumphant yes : poems in honour of William Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death / Warwickshire : The Celandine Press in association with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, 2016. 2016 10/27/2016
Music (printed) Percy, John, 1749-1797, Glee for three voices : Shakespear's description of winter from Love's labour lost / London : Printed for the author ..., [approximately 1795?] 1795 11/1/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Shakspear's tragedy of Othello : as compressed and arranged for public reading, with notes / London : Printed by C. and J. Adlard, 1846. 1846 11/2/2016
Manuscript Psalmes of David Edinburgh, 1612. 1612 11/2/2016
Book Billy, Jacques de, 1535-1581, Locutionum Graecarum in communes locos per alphabeti ordinem digestarum volumen / Duaci : Ex officina I. Bogardi, 1598. 1598 11/2/2016
Book Atwood, Margaret, 1939- Hag-seed : the Tempest retold / New York : Hogarth, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, [2016] 2016-2016 11/2/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Merchant of Venice : a comedy, in five acts / New York (122 Nassau Street) : Samuel French, publisher, [approximately 1848] 1854 11/7/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Macbeth / Madrid : Reino de Cordelia, [2016] 2016-2015 11/10/2016
Art [Vanitas on fashion] [circa 1570] 15uu 11/18/2016
Manuscript Lake, Arthur, 1569-1626, Sermons transcribed by Samuel Yerworth, 1661 11/21/2016
Book Old Vic Trust Ltd. and the Arts Council of Great Britain present under the management of S. Hurok : the Old Vic Company ... : 1962 North American repe New York : Published by Hurok Attractions, Inc., [1962] 1962 11/22/2016
Manuscript Shakespeare Family History. A vellum deed pertaining to land in Rowington, Staffordshire 1671 11/23/2016
Book Bosse, Abraham, 1602-1676, De la maniere de graver a l'eau forte et au burin : et de la gravûre en maniere noire : avec la façon de construire les presses modernes, & d'impr A Paris : Quay des Augustins, chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, libraire de l'Artillerie & du Génie, au coin de la ruë Gille-Coeur, à l'Image Notre-Dame, MDCCXLV [1745] 1745 11/23/2016
Book Tondo, Meo del, da Montui, Pippioneide Poema Gocciolone di Meo del Tondo da Montui, nella Gozzoviglia del Tagliere detto il Tich' Tach. All'untissimo signor Berlinguccio Golosi Firenze : Per Zanobi Pignoni, 1615. 1615 12/2/2016
Manuscript D'Aeth, Thomas, Precepts of Phocylides, done into English from a French paraphrase. London printed by Joshua Conyers, at the Anchor & Bible in Cornhil, 1705 12/7/2016
Book Páez de Valenzuela y Castillejo, Juan, Para secretarios de señores y todo genero de personas : nuevo estilo y formulario de escrivir cartas missivas y responder à ellas en todos generos Barcelona : En la imprenta de Joseph Llopis : A costa de Juan Cassañes y Juan Piferrer ... vendense en sus casas, 1699. 1699 12/7/2016
Book Carlton, Grace, Wooing of Anne Hathaway / London : Mitre Press, 1938. 1938 12/7/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Bad quarto : the tragicall historie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke / Charlottesville : Virginia Arts of the Book Center, 2015. 2015 12/7/2016
Book Jiménez Patón, Bartolomé, Discurso de los tufos, copetes, y calvas, / Impresso en Baeca : Por Iuan de la Cuesta, 1639. 1639 12/7/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Romeo and Juliet : text of the play, sources, contexts, and early rewritings, criticism and later rewritings / New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2017] 2017-2017 12/13/2016
Manuscript Irving, H. B. (Henry Brodribb), 1870-1919, Typed letter signed H. B. Irving, Savoy Theatre, Strand [London], to Algernon Warren 1916 12/13/2016
Book Leybourn, William, 1626-1716, Introdcution to astronomy and geography : being a plain and easie treatise of the globes. Berry, 1677. 1675 12/13/2016
Manuscript Cenami, Pandolfo, Autograph letter from Pandolfo Cenami, Rouen, to Bartolommeo Corsini, London 1588 12/14/2016
Manuscript Goodere, Henry. Mortgage for £300 from Henry Goodere of Polesworth in Warwickshire, knight and his daughter Frances Goodere to William Cooke of St. Martin in the Fie 1589 12/14/2016
Manuscript Crossman, Samuel, d. 1701, Volume of sermons and prayers, 1675 12/14/2016
Manuscript Pargiter, Thomas, Commonplace book of notes and extracts on Anglican themes, 1665 12/14/2016
Art Gaywood, Richard, active 1644-1668, James Nailor Quaker set 2 hower on the pillory at Westminster, whiped by the hang-man to the old Exchainge London, som days after stood too howers mor Decemr: 17: anno dom: 1656. 1656 12/14/2016
Book Leutbrewer, Christoph, Confession coupée, ou, La méthode facile pour se préparer aux confessions particulieres et générales ... : avec un traité des péchés p Paris : T. de Hansy, 1739. 1739 12/14/2016
Art Walton, Robert, 1616-1688, Victorious and ever renowned souldier Edward (called ye black prince son to Edwards 3.d)... London : Sold by Ro. Walton, [c. 1656] 1656 12/14/2016
Book Explanation of the new physiognomical system of the brain, according to Drs. Gall and Spurzheim. [London:] : Published by W. Byam. Pimlico, 1818. 1818 12/14/2016
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Much ado about nothing : Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and John Dover Wilson. Cambridge, U.K. : Cambridge University Press, 1953. 1953 12/14/2016
Manuscript Sir Ed[mundbury] Godfreys Ghost, 1682 12/14/2016
Book Robson, Joanna, Knavish Lad : Shakespeare's Dream Illustrated. Edinburgh : Joanna Robson. 2016 12/15/2016
Music (printed) Conversi, Girolamo, active 1571-1575. Primo libro delle canzoni à cinque voci / In Vinegia : Appresso l'herede di Girolamo Scotto, 1580. 1580 1/10/2017
Art Collection of postcards depicting the actors in the Moscow Art Theatre production of Hamlet Moscow : A. A. Gorozhankin, 1912. 1912 1/10/2017
Book Ālhūs bāfw āyw! / [Alexandria, Egypt?] : [Bibliotheca Alexandrina], 2016. 2016-2016 1/11/2017
Book Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, Othello : authoritative text, textual sources and cultural contexts, criticism / New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2017] 2017 1/14/2017
Book Deadpool. New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2016] 2016-2016 1/25/2017
Book Strange and wonderful discovery : being a full and true relation of the skin of a humane body, flay'd off, in all its proportions, with hair, brest, e London : Printed for L. Curtis, 1684. 1684 1/26/2017
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) By the King : a proclamation for restraint of killing, dressing and eating of flesh in Lent, or on fish-days appointed by the Law to be observed. London, 1663 [i.e. 1664] 1664 1/26/2017
Book Barbarous, and bloody murther committed on the body of Coronet Norris : (son to Esq; Norris, justice of peace of the city of Norwich;) on the 13th of [Norwich?], [1700?] 1700 1/26/2017
Book Scotland. Privy Council. Act of Privy Council allowing the continuing of the former seals, signets and cashet until renewed, and sustaining all letters and diligences preceedi Edinburgh : Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, printer to the Queens Most Excellent Majesty, 1702. 1702 1/26/2017
Book Eglinus Iconius, Raphael, ǂd 1559-1622. Coniecturæ halieuticæ novæ et admirandæ e notis et characteribus ternorum piscium marinorum ad latera stupendo prodigio insignitorum desumptæ aut [Frankfurt am Main] [Biermann, Konrad], [1611] 1611 1/30/2017
Book Meurs, Johannes van, 1579-1639. Ioannis Mevrsi Orchestra. Sive, De saltationibvs vetervm, liber singularis. Lvgdvni Batavorvm : ex officinâ Godefridi Basson, 1618. 1618 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, 1558-1602, Hovv to live, and that well. : In all estates and times: specially when helps and comforts faile. London : Printed by Iohn Legatt, [ca. 1625] 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, Salue for a sicke man, or, A treatise containing the nature, differences, and kinds of death : as also the right manner of dying well ... / London : I. Legatt, 1625. 1621 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, 1558-1602, Two treatises. : The first, of the nature and practise of repentance. The second, of the combate of the flesh and spirit. London : Printed by Iohn Legatt, dwelling in Little-Wood-streete, 1621. 1625 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, 1558-1602, Direction for the gouernment of the tongue according to Gods word. Printed at London : By John Legatt, printer to the Vniuersity of Cambridge, 1625. 2002 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, 1558-1602, Graine of musterd-seede: or, The least measure of grace, that is or can be effectuall to saluation. Printed at London : By Iohn Legatt, printer to the Vniuersity of Cambridge, 1625. 2002 1/30/2017
Book Perkins, William, 1558-1602, Declaration of the true maner of knowing Christ crucified. Printed at London : By Iohn Legatt, printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge, 1625. 2002 1/30/2017
Book Longepierre, Hilaire Bernard de Requeleyne, baron de, 1659-1721. Medeé : tragedie. A Paris : Chez Pierre Aubouyn ... : Pierre Emery : Charles Clouzier ..., [1694] 1694 1/30/2017
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Art Piech, Paul Peter, 1920-1996. Shakespeare portrait : The evil that men do... uuuu 2/4/2017
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Manuscript Sussex, Henry Radcliffe, Earl of, 1507-1557. Warrant from Henry Radcliffe, Earl of Sussex as Chief Justice of the South of Kent, to the Keepers of their Highness' Park at Nonesoche to deliver to 1555 2/7/2017
Manuscript England and Wales. Exchequer. Signed order for payment from the Exchequer to pay Charles Gifford. 1678 2/7/2017
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Book Copy of a list of all the cavalliers, and brave commanders of His Majesties marching Army: vvith the number of captaines, in each severall regiment, a London : Printed for Francis Wright, 1642. uuuu-uuuu 2/8/2017
Book Cevallos, Gerónimo de. Arte real para el bven govierno de los reyes, y principes, y de sus vassallos. En el qual se refieren las obligaciones de cada vno, con los principale Toledo, A costa de su autor, 1623. 1623 2/8/2017
Book Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1459-1519, Maximilian von Gottes gnaden e Römischer Kayser zü allen zeiten Merer des Reichs &c. [Blank space] Als unser und des Reichs Churfürsten fürsten [. [Cologne?], 1512. 1505 2/13/2017
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Manuscript Autographed letters signed to John Martin Harvey. 1905-1919. 1905 2/22/2017
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Manuscript Mistu[ram] uuuu 2/27/2017
Manuscript A Ballance of My Generall Books Drawn out ye 31th xbris Anno uuuu 2/27/2017
Manuscript Character of Humane Frailty. uuuu 2/27/2017
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Manuscript Ayers, Ralph, Ralph: Ayers cook: oxon, 1713 4/6/2017
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Manuscript Recipe miscellany for wines, pies, desserts, preserves, etc., 16uu 4/6/2017
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Manuscript English cookery and medicine. uuuu 5/3/2017
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Art Photographs of the Russian, Lenfilm Studios film King Lear [Korol Lir], directed by Grigori Kozintsev and Iosif Shapiro [1970]. 1970 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a production of Richard III at New York City Center, starring José Ferrer as Richard III and Vincent Price as the Duke of Buckingham [New York: 1953] 1953 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of All's Well that Ends Well, directed by John Houseman and Jack Landau and starring Will G [Stratford, Conn.], [1959] 1959 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a Broadway production of Much Ado About Nothing by Fred Fehl, directed by John Gielgud and starring John Gielgud and Margaret Leighton [New York City.], [1959] 1959 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of MGM Studios film Kiss Me Kate, directed by George Sidney and starring Katheryn Grayson as Lilli Vanessi, Howard Keel as Fred Graham, an [N.p.], [1953]. 1953 5/4/2017
Book King Lear [Korol Lir] / [1970]. 1970 5/4/2017
Book Collection of four different promotional flyers of the 1940 Spanish release of the MGM film Romeo and Juliet starring Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer. [N.p.] : [1936.] 1936 5/4/2017
Book Othello [Otello] / [Belgium] : [1953.] 1953 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a Dramatiska teatern Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden production of Hamlet, directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Peter Stormare, Bo [Stockholm] : Dramatiska teatern, 1988. 1965 5/4/2017
Art Ivor Novello in Henry V by Angus McBean [London] : [1938] 1938 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an Old Vic production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that traveled for a limited engagment to the Metropolitan Opera from the Edinburgh F [New York City.], [1954] 1954 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of Orson Welles applying his own makeup for his appearance as Othello on London's West End, at the St. James Theatre. [Casablanca] : [1951] 1953 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of Constance Collier as Lady MacBeth in the 1916 film, directed by John Emerson and also starring Sir Herbert Beebohm Tree as MacBeth [N.p.], [1916] 1916 5/4/2017
Book Romeo and Juliet / [United States] : [Embassy Pictures], ©1966. 1966 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of Orson Welles behind the camera directing Suzanne Cloutier as Desdemona. [Casablanca] : [1951] 1953 5/4/2017
Art Laurence Olivier and Jessica Tandy in Henry V [London] : [1937] 1937 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of Romeo and Juliet, directed Michael Kahn and starring David Birney as Romeo, Roberta Maxw [Stratford, Conn.], [1974] 1974 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by John Houseman and Jack Landau and starring Will [Stratford, Conn.], [1959] 1959 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of a Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet starring Katharine Cornell as Juliet and Basil Rathbone as Romeo [New York City: 1934.] 1934 5/4/2017
Art Katharine Cornell as Cleopatra [United States] : [1947?] 1947 5/4/2017
Art Debenham, J. W., Laurence Olivier and William Devlin in Coriolanus during an Old Vic revival [London], [1937?] 1937 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an Old Vic revival production of Henry V, directed by Michael Benthall and starring Laurence Harvey and Judi Dench [New York City.], [1958] 1958 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of King Lear, directed by Allan Fletcher and starring Morris Carnovsky [Stratford, Conn.], [1963] 1963 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a New York Shakespeare Festival production of Richard III directed by Gerald Freedman, starring Joseph Bova as Richard III, Harris Yuli [New York City, 1966.] 1966 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of The Tempest, directed by Edward Payson Cail and starring Morris Carnovsky as Prospero, D [Stratford, Conn.], [1971] 1971 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a New York Shakespeare Festival production of Titus Andronicus, directed by Gerald Freedman and starring Jack Hollander as Titus Andron [New York City.], [1967] 1967 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of Troilus and Cressida, directed by Jack Landau and starring Will Geer as Priam, Pat Hingl [Stratford, Conn.], [1961] 1961 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of the avant-garde film Prospero's Books, directed by Peter Greenaway [N.p.], [1991] 1991 5/4/2017
Book Romeo and Juliet / [N.p.] : [1936.] 1936 5/4/2017
Book Romeo l Julija / [Skopje] : [1954.] 1954 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an Old Vic production on Broadway of Twelfth Night, directed by Michael Benthall and starring Judi Dench as Maria, Joss Ackland as Sir [New York City.], [1958] 1958 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of Coriolanus, directed by Allan Fletcher and starring Philip Bosco and Aline MacMahon [Stratford, Conn.], [1965] 1965 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of an American Shakespeare Festival production of Taming of the Shrew, directed by Norman Lloyd and starring Nina Fotch as Katharina, Pern [Stratford, Conn.], [1956-57] 1956-1957 5/4/2017
Book Hamlet. German program for the Russian film. München : Verlag Film-Bühne, [1964] 1964 5/4/2017
Book Program for television film Macbeth, starring Maurice Evans as Macbeth and Judith Butler as Lady Macbeth. Wein : Neues Filmprogramm, 1962. 1962 5/4/2017
Book Icelandic program for the Italian silent film production of Otello [Othello] directed by Arrigo Frusta. Program. [Reykjavik], [1916] 1916 5/4/2017
Book Othello [Otello] / [N.p.] : [1953.] 1953 5/4/2017
Art Broadway production of Othello, directed by Robert Edmond Jones and starring Walter Huston as Othelle [New York City.] : [1937] 1937 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of a Broadway production of Richard II, directed by Margaret Webster and starring Maurice Evans as Richard II [New York City] : [1937] 1937 5/4/2017
Book Falstaff : kolkkerne ringer ved midnat. Program. [Copenhagen] : Hovedstadens Bogtrykkeri, [1965] 1965 5/4/2017
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Book King Lear [Korol Lir] / [1970]. 1970 5/4/2017
Book Othello (Der Mohr Von Venedig) das neue film programm. Mannheim ; [1955] 1955 5/4/2017
Art Photograph from Laurence Olivier's motion picture of Henry V [California] : United Artists, 1945. 1945 5/4/2017
Art Photograph of a Broadway revival production of Richard II, starring Maurice Evans as Richard II and Kent Smith as Henry IV [New York City] : [1951] 1951 5/4/2017
Book Maurice Evans presents Shakespeare's Hamlet on tour. [Chicago] : Grand Opera House, [1939]. 1939 5/4/2017
Art Photographs of a New York Shakespeare Festival production of Richard III directed by Stuart Vaughan and starring Donald Madden as Richard III, Drew Sn [New York City: 1970.] 1970 5/4/2017
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Book Julius Caesar / [N.p.], [1970]. 1945 5/4/2017
Book Campanadas a medianoche. Program [Madrid?], [1965] 1965 5/4/2017
Book William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar : preview program. [Madrid] : MGM, [1953.] 1953 5/4/2017
Book Ricardo III : Promotional flyer of the 1958 Spanish release of the MGM film Richard III from 1955. [N.p.] : [1958.] 1958 5/4/2017
Book Walter Winchell on Broadway / [N.p.] : [1936.] 1936 5/4/2017
Book Romeo y Julieta / [N.p.] : [1954.] 1954 5/4/2017
Book Romeo and Juliet / [N.p.] : [1968.] 1968 5/4/2017
Book Romeo, Julia, a Tma / [N.p.] : [1960.] 1960 5/4/2017
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Book Romeo og Julie / [N.p.] : [1964.] 1964 5/4/2017
Book University of Oxford. Verses by the University of Oxford. On the death of the most noble, and right valiant Sir Bevill Grenvill, alias Granvill, Kt. Who was slain by the re [London:] Printed at Oxford in the year of our Lord, 1643. and now reprinted at London, 1684. 1684 5/5/2017
Book Commonplace book. [Circa 1746] [174 5/5/2017
Art Fox, Augustus, As you like it, act 1, sc. 2 [London, England] : Published by W. Pickering, [1820?] uuuu 5/9/2017
Manuscript Collection of materials relating to a dispute over payments and scenery materials for the Shoreham Village Players' first production A Midsummer Night 1925. 1925 5/10/2017
Manuscript Archive of material related to a never-made Tempest film with actor and director John Gielgud, producer Daniel Selznick, and Universal Pictures execut 1968-1969. 1968 5/10/2017
Manuscript Archive of materials collected by cinematographer Alex Thomson related to Kenneth Branagh's 1996 film Hamlet 1995-1996. 1996 5/10/2017
Mixed materials Papers by and relating to the Shakespearian actor, Johnston Forbes-Robertson, from a family archive. 1877-1950 5/12/2017
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Manuscript Possible printer's copy of the Addenda to George Steevens's edition of the Works of Shakespeare 1793 5/17/2017
Book Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?, Forest or Collection of historyes : no lesse profitable, then pleasant and necessary, doone out of Frenche into English, by Thomas Fortescue. Seene an Imprinted at London : By [John Kingston for] Iohn Day dwelling ouer Aldersgate, 1576. 1576 5/19/2017
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Manuscript Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587, Autograph letter signed Marie R, Edinburgh, to William Keith, Earl Marischal of Scotland 1566-0919 6/2/2017
Manuscript [Scots law] uuuu 6/2/2017
Book Johnson, Richard, 1573-1659? Pleasant vvalkes of Moore-fields. Being the guift of two sisters, now beautified, to the continuing fame of this worthy citty. Printed at London : [By W. Jaggard?] for Henry Gosson, and are to be sold at the signe of the Sun in Pater noster Row, 1607. 1607 6/5/2017
Book Dorrington, Theophilus, -1715. Familiar guide to the right and profitable receiving of the Lord's Supper : wherein also the way and method of our salvation is briefly and plainly de London : Printed for Brab. Aylmer ..., 1700. 1700 6/5/2017
Book Filippe, Bartholomeu, Counseller : a treatise of counsels and counsellers of princes, written in Spanish by Bartholomew Phillip, Doctor of the ciuill and cannon lawe. Engli London : Printed by Iohn Wolfe [and J. Charlewood], 1589. 1589 6/5/2017
Book Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617, Helpe vnto devotion: containing certaine moulds, or formes of prayer, fitted to severall occasions : and penned for the furtherance of those, who haue London : Printed by John Beale, MDCXXXVI. [1636] 1636 6/5/2017
Manuscript Manuscript prayers 1707 6/5/2017
Book Sternhold, Thomas, -1549, Whole booke of Psalmes: collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and others. Set foorth and allowed to be sung in all churches London : Printed by G. M[iller] for the Companie of Stationers, 1633. 1633 6/5/2017
Book Rider, Cardanus. Riders (1686.) British Merlin : bedeckt with many delightful varieties and useful verities, fitting the longitude and latitude of all capacities withi London : Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for the Company of Stationers, 1686. 1686 6/5/2017
Book Stow, John, 1525?-1605. Survay of London : conteyning the originall, antiquity, increase, moderne estate, and description of that city, written in the yeare 1598 / London : Imprinted by Iohn Windet, Printer to the honorable Citie of London, 1603. 1603 6/5/2017
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Book Casaubon, Isaac, 1559-1614. Is. Casavboni corona regia. Id est panegyrici cvivs. Dam vere avrei, Quem Iacobo i Magnæ Britaniæ &c. Regi, fidei defensori: delinearat, fragmenta, [London, i.e. Louvain] ; Pro officina regia Io. Bill, Londini, M. DC. XV. [1615]. 1615 6/12/2017
Manuscript Middleton (John) Hos Artis commetarios in Metaphysicam scripsit Joannes Middleton Anglus. 'In Aula maiore Lexovea Parisiis. uuuu 6/12/2017
Manuscript Great Britain. Civil War. Treaty of Newport Articles of treaty at Isle of Wight [Newport, Isle of Wight:] uuuu 6/12/2017
Book Sheppard, William, -1675?, Justice of peace his clarks cabinet· Or, A book of presidents : or warrants, fitted and made ready to his hand for every case that may happen within London : Printed by Tho. Maxey, for William Lee, Daniel Pakeman, and Gabriel Bedell, and are to be sold at their shops in Fleet-street, 1654. 1654 6/12/2017
Music (printed) Shaw, Caroline The Isle : text from The Tempest by William Shakespeare / [2016] 2016 6/14/2017
Book Darlow, Alfred. Shakespeare on the Union Pacific Railroad / [Omaha, NE] : [Union Pacific Passenger Department], 1903. 1903 6/15/2017
Art Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677 Head of a cat (middle size) Dobra Koczka ktera nemlsa Dass ist eine gutte khatz di niest nascst. [ca. 1700.] 1700 6/21/2017
Book Parsons, Ralph, active 17th century. Two famous battels fought in Ireland: wherein the Protestants under the command of the Earle of Ormond, Sr. Charles Coote, and Sr. Simon Harcourt, sle London, Printed for J. Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book False prophets discovered. Being a true story of the lives and deaths of two weavers (late of Colchester) viz. Richard Farnham and Iohn Bull; who affi London : Printed for I. Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Message sent from both Houses of Parliament to the Kings most excellent Majesty, the 16 of March 1641 : concerning speciall matters. London : Printed for Iohn Franke, and are to be sold at his shop next doore to the Kings head in Fleetstreet, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Erswicke, John, Briefe note of the benefits that grovv to this realm by the observation of fish-dayes. : With a reason and cause wherefore the law in that behalfe mad London : Printed for Tho: Bankes, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book True character of Worster's late hurly-burly. London : [publisher not identified], 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Trve relation of the late hurliburly at Kingston upon Thames, on Wednesday the 12th. of Jauua [sic]. caused by Collonell Lundsford and the rest of his [London] : [s.n.], Printed n the yeare, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Pike, Roger, active 17th century, June 8th. 1642. A true relation of the proceedings of the Scots and English forces in the north of Ireland : sent in a letter to Mr. Tobias Siedgwicke London : Printed for F. Coules, and T. Bates, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) His Majesties gracious message to both Houses of Parliament, sent from Nottingham the 25. of August, 1642. Together with the answer of the Lords and C London : printed by Robert Barker, printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: and by the assignes of John Bill, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England. Parliament. House of Commons. Message from the House of Commons to the Lords, by Master Bulstrode Whitlocke Esquire, and presented to their Lordships by him. Whereunto is added His London : Printed by E[dward]. Griffin, 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book Nevves from the tower, France, and purgatory : first, concerning the imprisonment of Sir Edward Deering ... with vote also of the House of Commons giv [London], 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Davis, John (Attendant on Sir Charles Vavasour), Certaine and good news from the west of Ireland, and city of Cork. Sent in a letter from John Davis, attendant on Sir Charles Vavasour, who is there r London : Printed for F. Coules, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Cole, John. More good and true news from Ireland, sent from Dublin, by Master Robert Cole merchant, to his brother Iohn Cole here resident in London. Likewise a n London : printed for F. Coules, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Loftus, Edward, active 17th century. Ioyfull nevves from Ireland, or, a true relation of the great overthrow which the English gave the rebels before Droheda, sent in a letter bearing dat London : Printed for Iohn Franke, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Horrible news from Yorke: Hull, and Ncwcastle [sic]. : Concerning the Kings Majesties intent to take up arms against the Parliament. Together with thr [London] : May 24 printed for Ioh Greensmeth. An. Coe, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Peters, John, active 17th century. True relation of the present estate of Ireland : in a letter written from one Master Peters in Dublin to one Sir Robert Iones a knight, resident in th London : Printed for W. Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Porter, Robert, active 17th century. True relation of Prince Ruperts barbarous cruelty against the towne of Brumingham [sic] : to which place on Monday Apr. 3. 1643. he marcht with 2000 h London : Printed for Iohn Wright in the Old-baily, April 12. 1642. 1642-1643 6/21/2017
Book Gordricke, William, Most true relation of the last weekes passages in Yorke, and Hull, in two letters from thence. : Discovering the strange behaviours and rude affronts London : Printed for Iohn Wright, June 23d. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book That great expedition for Ireland : by way of underwriting proposed, by both Houses of Parliament, and graciously assented unto by His Maiesty is heer Printed at London : For Ioseph Hunscott, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Declaration of a strange and wonderfull monster : born in Kirkham parish in Lancashire (the childe of Mrs. Haughton, a Popish gentlewoman) the face of London : Printed by Jane Coe, 1646. 1646 6/21/2017
Book Bond, John, 1612-1676, Poets knavery discouered, in all their lying pamphlets : wittily and very ingeniously composed, laying open the names of every lying lybel that was pr London : Printed for T.H., [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Spectacle, or councell of consequence ; given by him that will appeare as impartiall in his words, as the world has found him in his waies, he continu [London] : Licensed according to order, and printed by T. Paine, 1645. 1645 6/21/2017
Book Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. Devil in his dumps: or a sad complaint of malignant spirits, at the settling of peace and truth in a late conventicle held neer the Tower for the bett London : [s.n.], Printed in the year 1647. 1647 6/21/2017
Book French mountebank, or, An operator fit for these present times : being a man of great travell and experience throughout most countries in christendome London : Printed for R. Austin and A. Coe, 1643. 1643 6/21/2017
Book Taylor, John, 1580-1653, Devil turn'd round-head: or, Pluto become a Brownist. : Being a just comparison, how the Devil is become a round-head? In what manner, and how zealous [London] : [s.n.], [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662, Speech of the right honorable the Lord Vicount Say and Seale, one of his Maiesties Privie Councell. : Spoken in Parliament the 25th. day of February, London : Printed T. Bankes, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Whitlocke, Bulstrode, 1605-1675 or 1676, Speech of Bulstrode Whitelocke Esquire, to the Right Honourable the Lords, at a conference of both Houses on Thursday the seventeenth of February last London : Printed for John Burroughes, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Rous, Francis, 1579-1659, Mr. Rowse his speech made in the lower House of Parliament the thirtieth of December, 1641. : In opposition of the making of Doctor Winniff, Doctor Ho London : [s.n.], printed 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Holles, Denzil Holles, Baron, 1599-1680. Mr. Hollis his speech in Parliament, on Munday the 31. of Januarie, 1642 : Upon the delivery of a message from the House of Commmons concerning the po London : Printed for F.C., 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1642-1643 6/21/2017
Book Wroth, Thomas, Sir, 1584-1672, Speech spoken by Sr. Thomas Wroth Knight, in the Honourable House of Commons : upon his delivery of a petition from the knights, gentlemen, and freeho London : Printed for H[enry]. S[eile], 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Weighty considerations manifesting the great advantages of prosecuting the Irish wars· : By joyning the forces of the voluntary undertakers, unto the London : Printed by E. Griffin, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Two letters sent from Amsterdam, and read in both Houses of Parliament the 11. of this present Iune discovering to the Parliament what courses are the London : Printed for Joseph Hunscott and Iohn Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book His Maiesties letter to the maior of Bristol. : Together with an humble remonstrance and protestation to His Maiestie from the county of Nottingham. Oxford [i.e. London] : Printed by Leonard Lichfield, printer to the Vniversity, 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book June 22. 1642. An extract of severall letters sent from Yorke, Hull, France, and Holland ; declaring very remarkable passsages. Collected and publishe [London] : Collected and published to prevent false information, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Leicester, Robert Sidney, Earl of, 1595-1677, Letter from the Lord of Leicester, to the Right Honourable the Earle of Northumberland, and by him communicated to the House of Peeres. : Declaring th London : Printed for Iohn Wright, Septemb. 27. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Bourchier, John, Sir, -1660, Letter sent by a Yorkshire gentleman, to a friend in London : being a full and true relation of the proceedings betweene his Majesty and the county of [London] : [s.n.], [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Goodwin, Arthur, 1593 or 1594-1643, Tvvo letters of great consequence to the House of Commons : the one from Alisbury in Buckinghamshire, dated March 22. 1642. and signed by Col: Arthur London : Printed for Edw. Husbands, and are to be sold at his shop in the middle Temple, March 24. 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Copie of a letter sent by Mr. Speaker, to all the corporations in England. And the like also to all the justices of peace, in the severall counties of London : printed for Robert Hodgekinsonne, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Letter intercepted at a court-guard of the City of London : VVherein is discovered a most desperate and bloody act to be performed on divers good mini London : Printed for Edw: Husbands, February 28. 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Certaine reasons presented to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie, Feb. 24. 1641. by the Lords and Commons in Parliament touching the Princes stay at Ha London : Printed by R. Olton and G. Dexter, for John Wright, an. Dom. MDCXLII. [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Annotations upon certaine quaeries of (as they call it) tender conscienced Chistians [sic] concerning the late protestation. London : Printed for Abel Roper, at the black Spread Eagle in Fleetstreet, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Norton, John, 1606-1663. Answer to a late scurrilous and scandalous pamphlet, entituled, the downfall of old Common Councill men. London : [publisher not identified], Printed in the yeare 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Organs funerall or the quiristers lamentation for the abolishment of superstition and superstitious ceremonies. In a dialogicall discourse between a q London : printed for George Kirby, [1642?] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Meredith, Walter, Fidelity, obedience, and valour of the English-nation : declared, by way of pacification of His Majesty, and desire of a re-union between His Majesty London : Printed by E. Griffin, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Most true relation of the attachment, life, death, and confession of Will. Waller : alias Walker, Ward, or Slater, a priest and jesuite, which was han [London] : [s.n.], Printed in the yeare, 1641. 1641 6/21/2017
Book VVonderfull predictions declared in a message, as from the Lord, to his Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax and the Councell of his Army. By John Saltmarsh Printed at London : By Robert Ibbitson, in Smithfield, neer the Queenes-head Tavern, 1648. 1648 6/21/2017
Book Bevvare of false prophets or, A true relation of the examination, and confesion[sic] of Roaland Bateman, of St. Mary's at Newington in South-wark, who London, Printed by John Hammond. [1644] 1644 6/21/2017
Book BRIDGES, Joan. Strange and wonderfull relation of the burying alive of Joan Bridges of Rochester in the county of Kent. Also, the manner if her tearing open of her o London : Printed for E.G., 1646. 1646 6/21/2017
Book Three looks over Lincoln : being, a suspicious treacherie of the Bishop of York, the late Bishop of Lincoln. Concerning, his provision of arms, pistol London : Printed for Iohn Greensmith, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Elys, Edmund, approximately 1634-approximately 1707. Bishops downefall or, The prelats snare. Briefly discovering them to have been the sole authours of all our miseries both in church and state, the fom [London] : Printed for G. Thompson, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Catalogue of the Right Honorable and noble lords, earles, viscounts, and barons, that have not absented themselves from the high and Hon: House of the London : printed by T[homas] F[awcet], 1642. June 8. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Bond, Edward, Doctor of Divinitie. Oneale and Colonell Brunslow chiefe of the rebells in Ireland : their apprehension at Grohoyne in the province of Munster : with the terrible battell London : Printed for Andrew Coe and Marmaduke Boat, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Ingoldsby, William, -1645, Englands oaths. : Taken by all men of quallity in the Church and Common-wealth of England. The oath of supremacie. The oath of allegiance. And the lat London : [s.n.], printed, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Englands ioy and sorrovv : expressing their sorrow for the Kings going into Scotland, and their ioy for the Queene Mothers farewell. London : Printed for F. Coules, 1641. 1641 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Articles of impeachment against George Lord Digby : by the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in maintenance of their accusation whereby he London : Printed for Iohn Franke, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Richard England, King, II. Kings articles and the Parliaments honour. Declaring how the Archbishop of Yorke, the Duke of Ireland, the Earle of Suffolke, and some false knights a [London] : August 1. Printed for Thomas Baley, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Articles of impeachment by the Commons assembled in Parliament, in the name of themselves and all the commons in England. : Against Sir Thomas Gardine [S.l.] : [s.n.], Printed, May 23, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Order made in Parliament : concerning the suppressing of those men that are gathered to gether in a warlike manner in the countie of Durham. As also a London : Printed for F. Leach and F. Coles, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book City of London (England). Court of Common Council. Propositions agreed upon at a court of common councell, in Guild Hall London. Feb. 21. 1642. Printed at London : By Richard Cotes, printer to the Honorable City of London, 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book Sundry observations of severall passages and proceedings in the North : there taken by a subject well-affected to the Protestant religion, His Majesti London : Printed for F[rancis]. C[oles], July 29. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book H., W. Diurnall Of Sea Designes, which is as strange as true. Relating VVhat great preparations many mighty For- raigne Princes have now upon the Ocean, no m London : Printed for W.S., 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Diurnal occvrrances, touching the dayly proceedings in Parliament, from the 27. of December to the third of January, 1641 ... [Edinburgh] : Printed at London, and re-printed at Edinburgh, [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Fairfax, Ferdinando Fairfax, Baron, 1584-1648, Answer of Ferdinando Lord Fairfax to a declaration of William Earle of Newcastle, touching a late vvarrant issued by the Lo: Fairfax, dated 2. Februar [London] : Printed by the appointment of Ferdinando Lord Fairfax: at London for Iohn Franke, and are to be sold at his shop next door to the Kings-head Taverne in Fleet-ctreet [sic], March 3. 1642. [i 1643 6/21/2017
Book City of London (England). Corporation. Court of Common Council. Londons remonstrance to the Parliament, in subscribing to the propositions of both Houses, concerning money, plate, horse, horsemen, and armes to be l London : printed for Iohn Harrison, Iune 23. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Second remonstrance or, declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : concerning the Commission of Array, occasioned by a booke latel London : Printed for Iohn Wright, and Richard Best, Ianuary 18. 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration of both Houses of Parliament : shevving the necessity of a present subscription of money and plate, for further supply of the army. Ordere Printed at London : For R. Dunscomb, Januar. 23. 1642. [i.e.1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book Last warning to all the inhabitants of London. [London] : [Larner's last press], [1646] 1646 6/21/2017
Book Doubtfull almanack. Or, A very suspitious presage of great calamities yet to ensue. [London : s.n., [1647] 1647 6/21/2017
Book Answer to the London petition. [London] : [s.n.], [1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book Perfect relation of the memorable funerall of the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex, wherein divers things are explained, which were not understo London : Printed for B.A., 1646. 1646 6/21/2017
Book Fearefull Apparitions or The Strangest Visions that ever hath been heard of. : It is a Spirit that constantly every night haunts one Mr. Youngs yard i London : Printed for John Hammond, 1647. 1647 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : for the raising of all power and force as well trained bands as others, in severall cou [London] : Aug. 10. London, printed for Iohn Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : concerning a late difference betweene some officers of the English, and some of the Sco London : March 24. printed for John Wright, in the Old-Bailey, 1642. [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676, Declaration of the Right Honourable the Earle of Nevvcastle His Excellency, &c : in answer of six groundlesse aspersions cast upon him by the Lord Fai Printed at York : By Stephen Bulkley, 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament : concerning His Majesties proclamation, given at his court at York, the 27. of May. 1642. With the London : Printed for Jos. Hunscott, and J. Wright, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Declaration and resolution of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : in answer to the Scots declaration : wherein is set forth the true zeal London : printed for Edward Husbands and John Franck, and are to be sold at their shops, in the Middle Temple, and next door to the Kings head in Fleet-street, September 23. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) By the King. A proclamation forbidding all levies of forces without His Maiesties expresse pleasure, signified under his Great Seale, and all contribu [[London] : First printed at Yorke, and now reprinted at London by E.G. for L.C., 1642] 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament : for the relieving of all persons over rated by the ordinance for weekly assessments. Orde [London] : March 10. 1642. London, printed for Edw. Husbands, and are to be sold at his shop in the Middle-Temple, [1642, i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Severall propositions presented from the House of Commons to the Lords : by Master Pym, at a conference of both Houses. Concerning the causes and reme London : Printed for Iohn Bull, June 7. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Supplication of all the papists of England, to King James, at his first comming to the crowne, for a tolleration of their religion. : Wherein (with mu London : Printed by E. Griffin, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Desire and advice of the Lords and Commons in Parliament to His Majesty : that the next assize and generall goale-delivery may not be holden, &c. VVit Printed by His Majesties command at Oxford [i.e. London], February 24. By Leonard Lichfield, printer to the university, 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament (1643) Humble desires and propositions of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Presented to the Kings most Excellent Majesty at Oxford, by foure Lo [London] : Feb. 8. printed for Iohn Wright in the Old-Bailey, 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Humble desires and propositions of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for a treaty, and cessation of armes for twenty daies, presented to [London] : Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield, and re-printed at London, March 8. 1642 [i.e. 1643] 1643 6/21/2017
Book To the honourable court the House of Commons now assembled in Parliament. : The humble petition of many hundred thousands, inhabiting within the thirt [London] : Printed at London for T. Howell, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Humble petition of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, sent to his excellency Robert Earle of Essex, to be presented to His Majesty. Ordere London : printed for J. Wright, Septemb. 27. 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Three petitions the one, of the jnhabitants of the towne of Colchester: the other two, of the county of Essex. : These petitions were brought by many London : Printed for Benjamin Allen, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Petition of the rebells in Nevv-Gate : presented by Colonell Goret, their commander in France. With the imprisonment of Daniell Dulley master of the s London : Printed for F. Coles, and G. Lindsey, 1642. 1642 6/21/2017
Book Sussex picture, Sussex Picture; or, an answer to the Sea-Gull. [i.e. to "The Seagull, or the new apparition in the Star-Chamber at Westminster."]. London, 1644. 1644 6/21/2017
Book Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670, Letter sent from General Monck : Dated at Caldstreame Dec. 29, 1659. Superscribed to the Right honorable William Lenthall Esquire, Speaker to the Righ London : Printed by John Streater and John Macock, printers to the Parliament, 1659. 1659 6/23/2017
Book Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687, Letter to Sir Thomas Osborn, one of His Majesties Privy Council, upon the reading of a book, called, The present interest of England stated. London : Printed for Henry Brome, at the Gun in S. Pauls Church-yard, near the west-end, 1672. 1672 6/23/2017
Book Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax, Baron, 1612-1671, Letter sent from the Lord Fairfax, &c. Dated at Popleton, January 1. 1659. : Superscribed, for the Right Honourable William Lenthall, Esq; speaker to London : Printed by John Streater, and John Macock, printers to the Parliament, 1659 [i.e. 1660] 1660 6/23/2017
Book Declaration of the gentry of Somerset-Shire vvho vvere of the late Kings party. London : Printed for Richard Royston at the Angel in Ivy-lane, M. D.C. LX.. [1660] 1660 6/23/2017
Book To the supreme authority of this nation, the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England : the humble petition of the Roman Catholikes. [London?] : [n.d.] 16uu 6/23/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Act for accompts, and clearing of publique debts: and for discovering frauds or concealments of any thing due to the Commonwealth. : Friday th 7th of London : Printed by Iohn Field, printer to the Parliament of England, 1653. 1653 6/23/2017
Book Cleveland, John, 1613-1658, Cleaveland's petition to His Highnesse the Lord Potector [sic]. [London] : Printed for William Sheares, [1657] 1657 6/23/2017
Book Englishman's complaint. : If Kings were as wise and good as their office requires them to be, monarchy, certainly, would be the happiest form of gover [London] : [s.n.], [1689] 1689 6/23/2017
Book At Amsterdamnable-Coffee-House on the 5th. of November next, will be exposed to pulick [sic] sale these goods following, in several parcels. [London] : [s.n.], [ca. 1684] 1684 6/23/2017
Book Case of the gentlemen concerned with the penalties of the 500l Act. [London], [ca. 1684] 1684 6/23/2017
Book England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) His Majesties gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on the 29th. day of August, 1660. : At the passing of the Act for free pardon, indempnity London : Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1660. 1660 6/23/2017
Book Succinct narrative of the bloody murder of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey Octob. 12. 1678. : With the various and wonderful circumstances of the motives, mann [London?] : Printed by N. T[hompson]. at the entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden, 1683. 1683 6/23/2017
Book Letter from divers of the gentry of the county of Lincolne : to his Excellency the Lord General Monck. London : Printed for Richard Lowndes at the White Lion in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1659. [i.e. 1660] 1660 6/23/2017
Book Sad estate of the kingdom, : being an account of the first years charge of our Reformation. [London?] : [s.n.], [1690?] 1690 6/23/2017
Book Great Britain. Sovereign, 1685-1688 (James II) At the Council-chamber in Whitehall, Monday the 22th. of October, 1688. : This day an extraordinary council met, where were likewise present, by His M [London] : [Charles Bill, Henry Hills and Thomas Newcomb], [1688] 1688 6/23/2017
Book New list of all the members of this present Parliament : vvith the respective counties and places for which they serve. VVith the names of the members [London] : Printed by Robert Ibbitson, [1653] 1653 6/23/2017
Book Dialogue between a Yorkshire-alderman and Salamanca-doctor, at the Devil by Temple-Bar. About swearing. London : Printed for John Smith, 1683. 1683 6/23/2017
Book Notes of the evidence given against the Lord Howard of Escrick : to the grand inquest of the hundred of Edmonton and Gore in the county of Middlesex; London : Printed for S. Carr, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Stafford, William Howard, Viscount, 1614-1680, Speech of William Howard, late Lord Viscount Stafford; upon the scaffold on Tower-Hill : immediately before his execution, Wednesday, Decemb. 29. 1680 [London] : [s.n.], [1680] 1680 6/23/2017
Book Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, 1621-1683, Speech lately made by a noble peer of the realm. [London] : [printed for F.S. at the Elephant and Castle near the Royal Exchange in Cornhil], [1681] 1681 6/23/2017
Book Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681, Speech and carriage of Stephen Colledge before the castle at Oxford, Wednesday, Aug. 31. 1681. : Taken exactly from his mouth at the place of executio London : Printed for T. Basset, and John Fish, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Character of a fanatick in general, : by what other name however he may be more specially distinguished. [London] : [printed for N.T.], [1681] 1681 6/23/2017
Book Here is a true and perfect account of the proceding at VVindsor concerning the cittizens petition presented to his most Gracious Maiesty by the right London : Printed for E. Mallet, 1683. 1683 6/23/2017
Manuscript England and Wales. House of Lords. Names of ye Lords yt found my Lord Stafford guilty of high treason [and] The names of those Lords yt found him not guilty. Tousday December the 7th, 1 1680 6/23/2017
Book Case of the burgesses of Nottingham : in reference to the surrendering of their charters, truly stated August the 21st, 1682. London : Printed for Brabazon Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons, over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil, [1682] 1682 6/23/2017
Book Tillotson, John, 1630-1694, Letter written to my Lord Russel in Newgate, the twentieth of July, 1683. London : Printed for R. Baldwin in the Old Bailey, 1683. 1683 6/23/2017
Book Shower, Bartholomew, Sir, 1658-1701, Antidote against poison : composed of some remarks upon the paper printed by the direction of the Lady Russel, and mentioned to have been delivered by London : printed for Charles Mearne, stationer to his most excellent Majesty, 1683 1683 6/23/2017
Book West, Robert, active 1683, Ansvver to a late paper, intituled, A true copy of a paper written by Capt. Tho. Walcot in Newgate after his condemnation, and delivered to his son im London : Printed, and are to be sold by Walter Davis, 1683. 1683 6/23/2017
Book Seasonable speech, made by Alderman Atkins in the Rump-Parliament. [London] : [s.n.], Printed in the year, 1660. 1660 6/23/2017
Book Sober vindication of the Reverend Dr. and the harmless Board. : Lately glew'd together in a profane pasquill, and turn'd out in that undecent familiar London : Printed for T- Rimar, 1682. 1682 6/23/2017
Book Character of a Tory. London : Printed for William Inghall the Elder bookbinder, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Character of a good man, neither Whig nor Tory. London : Printed for Jonathan Robinson, at the Golden Lion in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Last speeches of the five notorious traitors and Jesuits : viz. Thomas White aliàs Whitebread, provincial of the Jesuits in England. William Harcour [London] : [s.n.], [1679] 1679 6/23/2017
Book Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649, Not popery, but the Protestant religion the support of the Crovvn· : Confirmed out of the mouth of that blessed martyr King Charles I. of pious memor [London] : [printed for L.C.], [1682]] 1682 6/23/2017
Book Nalson, John, 1638?-1686, True Protestants appeal to the city and countrey. [London] : [s.n.], printed, 1681] 1681 6/23/2017
Book Scotland. Privy Council. Act by His Royal Highness, His Majesties High Commissioner, and lords of Privy Council, establishing the order of the ryding, &c. at the opening of th [Edinburgh] : [Printed by the heirs of A. Anderson], [1681] 1681 6/23/2017
Book Advice to the patrons of the test. [London] : [s.n.], [1682?] 1682 6/23/2017
Book England and Wales. Parliament. Address of the Lords spiritual and temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster in this present convention to His Highness the Prince of Orange : wit London : Printed for James Partridge and Matthew Gyllyflower, [1689] 1689-1690 6/23/2017
Book William III, King of England, 1650-1702, His Highness the Prince of Orange his letter to the Lords spiritual and temporal : assembled at Westminster, in this present convention, January 22. 1 Edinburgh : [s.n.], re-printed in the year, 1689. 1689 6/23/2017
Book Settle, Elkanah, 1648-1724, Remarks on Algernoon Sidney's paper, delivered to the sherriffs at his execution. [London] : [printed for W.C. and are to be sold by W. Davis in Amen-Corner], [1683] 1683 6/23/2017
Book Everett, George, Shipwright, Letter to Mr. Miles Prance, in relation to the murther of Sir Edmond-bury Godfrey. [London] : [printed for M.G. at the sign of Sir E.B.G's. Head near Fleet-bridge], [1682]] 1682 6/23/2017
Book Nalson, John, 1638?-1686, Complaint of liberty & property against arbitrary government : dedicated to all true English men, and lovers of liberty, laws, and religion. London : Printed for Robert Steel, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Democritus, Petitioning-comet: or, A brief chronology of all the famous comets : and their events, that have happen'd from the Birth of Christ, to this very day. London : Printed by Nat. Thompson, 1681. 1681 6/23/2017
Book Sidney, Algernon, 1623-1683, Very copy of a paper delivered to the sheriffs, upon the scaffold on Tower-hill, on Friday Decemb. 7. 1683. By Algernoon Sidney, Esq; before his execu [London] : [printed for R[obert]. H[orn]. J[ohn]. B[aker]. and J[ohn]. R[edmayne]. and are to be sold by Walter Davis in Amen Corner, MDCLXXXIII. [1683]] 1683 6/23/2017
Book Audience. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [1688] 1688 6/23/2017
Book List of all the conspirators that have been seiz'd, (and where committed) since the discovery of the horrid and bloody plot, contriv'd by the phanatic [London] : [s.n.], [1683?] 1683 6/23/2017
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Manuscript Seven Bishop's Petition response to the Declaration of Indulgence, togheter with the King' s response, docketed as "The Bishops reasons to the King fo [London], [1688] uuuu 6/23/2017
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Manuscript True relation of a strange apparition which appear'd to the Lady Gray commanding her to deliver a message to his Grace, the Duke of Monmouth ..., uuuu 6/23/2017
Book True narrative of the proceedings at the Session-House in the Old-Bayly which began on Friday the 24th of this instant February and ended on Tuesday t London : Printed by D. Mallet, 1682. 1682 6/23/2017
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Book Presbytery truly display'd, or An impartial character of the Presbyterian. : Being a vindication of that sanctified party, from the virulent calumnies London, 1680. 1680 6/23/2017
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