List of MARC fields displayed in the catalog

This table lists the MARC fields, indicators, and subfields behind each of the labels displayed in Folger catalog records. See the Expert search section of Folger catalog search tips for information on targeting them when searching.

Important: Just because a MARC field exists doesn't mean that the field is in active or consistent use. Some MARC fields were only recently introduced, and won't be found in older records. Other MARC fields couldn't previously be used to display copy-specific information so, for example, most rare books still have provenance and binding information described in a general "Folger-specific note" (MARC 852) while inherently unique items like manuscripts and drawings use the specific "Provenance" (MARC 561) and "Binding information" (MARC 563) fields.

To find all records that use a given field, go to and enter the three-digit MARC tag in the search box followed by a colon and "%" as a wildcard (e.g., 510:%). To narrow down to a tag with specific indicators, include both indicators, using "%" as a wildcard (e.g., 5202%:%). To narrow down to a specific subfield in the tag, include the subfield after the indicators (e.g., 245%%c:%).

Folger catalog display MARC tags, indicators, and subfields[1] MARC 21 field name
Associated name 100%% Main Entry - Personal Name
Associated name 110%% Main Entry - Corporate Name
Meeting name 111%% Main Entry - Meeting Name
Uniform title 130%% Main Entry - Uniform Title
Uniform title 2401% Uniform Title
Uniform title 2431% Collective Uniform Title
Title 245%% Title Statement
Variant Title 246__,2460_,2461_ Varying Form of Title
Distinctive Title 246_2,24602,24612 Varying Form of Title
Other Title 246_3,24603,24613 Varying Form of Title
Cover Title 246_4,24604,24614 Varying Form of Title
Added T.P. Title 246_5,24605,24615 Varying Form of Title
Caption Title 246_6,24606,24616 Varying Form of Title
Running Title 246_7,24607,24617 Varying Form of Title
Spine Title 246_8,24608,24618 Varying Form of Title
Former Title 247%0 Former Title
Edition 250%% Edition Statement
Musical presentation 254%% Musical Presentation Statement
Scale 255%a Cartographic Mathematical Data
Projection 255%b Cartographic Mathematical Data
Coordinates 255%c Cartographic Mathematical Data
Computer file characteristics 256%% Computer File Characteristics
Created/published 260%_ Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
Created/published 264%% Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Produced 264%0 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Published 264%1 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Distributed 264%2 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Printed 264%3 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Copyright 264%4 Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
Description 300%% Physical Description
Hours 307%% Hours, etc.
Frequency 310%% Current Publication Frequency
Former Frequency 321%% Former Publication Frequency
Digital File Characteristics 347%% Digital File Characteristics
Organization and arrangement 351%% Organization and Arrangement of Materials
Publication Coverage 362%% Dates of Publication and/or Sequential Designation
Series 490%% Series Statement
Note 500%% General Note
With 501%%a With Note
Dissertation note 502%% Dissertation Note
Bibliography, etc. note 504%% Bibliography, etc. Note
Contents 505%% Formatted Contents Note
Access advisory 506%% Restrictions on Access Note
Scale note 507%% Scale Note for Visual Materials
Credits 508%% Creation/Production Credits Note
ESTC staff note 509%% Locally defined field
Cited/Described in 5103%,5104% Citation/References Note
Note 5110% Participant or Performer Note
Cast 5111% Participant or Performer Note
Numbering peculiarities 515%% Numbering Peculiarities Note
Type of file 516_%a Type of Computer File or Data Note
Note 5168%a Type of Computer File or Data Note
Time and place of event 518%%a Date/Time and Place of an Event Note
Summary 520_% Summary, etc.
Subject 5200% Summary, etc.
Review 5201% Summary, etc.
Scope and content 5202% Summary, etc.
Abstract 5203% Summary, etc.
Note 5208% Summary, etc.
Cite As 524%% Preferred Citation of Described Materials Note
Supplement Note 525%% Supplement Note
Reproduction 533%% Reproduction Note
Original version 534%% Original Version Note
Location of originals/duplicates 535%% Location of Originals/Duplicates Note
Funding information 536%% Funding Information Note
System Details Note 538%% System Details Note
Source of Acquisition 541%%!e;n Immediate Source of Acquisition Note
Copyright Information 542%% Information Relating to Copyright Status
Location of related archival materials 544% Location of Other Archival Materials Note
Historical background 545%% Biographical or Historical Data
Language Note 546%% Language Note
Former title note 547%% Former Title Complexity Note
Issuing Body Note 550%%a Issuing Body Note
Indexes 555_%,5551%,5552%,5553%,5554%,5555%,5556%,5557%,5558%,5559% Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note
Finding Aids 5550% Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note
Documentation 556%% Information About Documentation Note
Provenance 561%% Ownership and Custodial History
Folger-specific note 562%% Copy and Version Identification Note
Binding information 563%% Binding Information
Relationship to other resource 580%%a Linking Entry Complexity Note
Publications about material 581%% Publications About Described Materials Note
Condition 583%%z Action Note
Exhibited 585%%3;a Exhibitions Note
Source of Description 588_%,5880%,5882%,5883%,5884%,5885%,5886%,5887%,5888%,5889% Source of Description, Etc. Note
Latest Issue Consulted 5881% Source of Description, Etc. Note
Folger-specific note 590%% Local note
Browse Subjects 600%% Subject Added Entry - Personal Name
Browse Subjects 610%% Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name
Browse Subjects 611%% Subject Added Entry - Meeting Name
Browse Subjects 630%% Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title
Browse Subjects 650%% Subject Added Entry - Topical Term
Browse Subjects 651%% Subject Added Entry - Geographic Name
Genre/form 655%%3;a;x;y;z Index Term - Genre/Form
Associated name 700%_3;a;b;c;d;e;f;g;h;i;j;k;l;m;n;o;p;q;r;s;t;u;x Added Entry - Personal Name
Associated name 710%_3;a;b;c;d;e;f;g;h;i;k;l;m;n;o;p;r;s;t;u;z Added Entry - Corporate Name
Associated name 711%%3;a;c;d;e;f;g;j;i;j;k;l;n;p;q;s;t;u;x Added Entry - Meeting Name
Includes 700%2 Added Entry - Personal Name
Includes 710%2 Added Entry - Corporate Name
Includes 730%2 Added Entry - Uniform Title
Uniform title 730%_,730%0,730%1,730%3,730%4,730%5,730%6,730%7,730%8,730%9 Added Entry - Uniform Title
Includes 740%2 Added Entry - Uncontrolled Related/Analytical Title
Geographic name 751%% Added Entry - Geographic Name
Place of creation/publication 752%% Added Entry - Hierarchical Place Name
Main Series 760_%,7600% Main Series Entry
Has Subseries 762_%,7620% Subseries Entry
Translation of 765_%,7650% Original Language Entry
Translated as 767_%,7670% Translation Entry
Has Supplement 770_%,7700% Supplement/Special Issue Entry
Supplement to 7720% Supplement Parent Entry
Note 77208 Supplement Parent Entry
In 773_%,7730% Host Item Entry
Constituent Unit 774_%,7740% Constituent Unit Entry
Other Editions 775_%,7750% Other Edition Entry
Issued With 777_%,7770% Additional Physical Form Entry
Continues 780__,780_0,7800_,78000 Preceding Entry
Continues in Part 780_1,78001 Preceding Entry
Supersedes 780_2,78002 Preceding Entry
Supersedes in Part 780_3,78003 Preceding Entry
Formed by the Union Of 780_4,78004 Preceding Entry
Absorbed 780_5,78005 Preceding Entry
Absorbed in Part 780_6,78006 Preceding Entry
Separated From 780_7,78007 Preceding Entry
Continued by 785__,785_0,7850_,78500 Succeeding Entry
Continued in Part By 785_1,78501 Succeeding Entry
Superseded By 785_2,78502 Succeeding Entry
Superseded in Part By 785_3,78503 Succeeding Entry
Absorbed By 785_4,78504 Succeeding Entry
Absorbed in Part By 785_5,78505 Succeeding Entry
Split Into 785_6,78506 Succeeding Entry
Merged With 785_7,78507 Succeeding Entry
Changed Back To 785_8,78508 Succeeding Entry
Related Item 787_%,7870% Other Relationship Entry
Series 800%% Series Added Entry - Personal Name
Series 810%% Series Added Entry - Corporate Name
Series 811%% Series Added Entry - Meeting Name
Series 830%% Series Added Entry - Uniform Title
Call number 852%_k;h;i;m Location
Former call number 852%%d Location
Folger accession 852%_j Location
Folger-specific note 852%_z Location
Linked Resources [in Details section] 85642u (or y, z, or 3 if present) Electronic Location and Access
Available online/View e-resource [at top of record] 85640u, 85641u (or y, z, or 3 if present) Electronic Location and Access
Folger has [in Details section] 866%% Textual Holdings - Basic Bibliographic Unit
Volumes/issues held [in Item details section] 866%% Textual Holdings - Basic Bibliographic Unit
Folger has (supplements) [in Details section] 867%% Textual Holdings - Supplementary Material
Supplements held [in Item details section] 867%% Textual Holdings - Supplementary Material
Folger has (indexes) [in Details section] 868%% Textual Holdings - Indexes
Indexes held [in Item details section] 868%% Textual Holdings - Indexes
Finding aid identifier 904%% Locally-defined field
  1. First three characters are the MARC tag, next two characters are the 1st and 2nd indicators (with "%" meaning "any value"), final characters are the subfields in cases where a numeric subfield displays or where only selected alphabetic subfields display.