List of MARC 21 fields to consider when exporting

Hamnet records originate from a variety of sources, and were created and updated over a long period of time. Some fields and subfields now considered best practice (or even mandatory) will be lacking.

Fields and subfields to add/modify

  • 040$a "DFo" (not UXG)
  • 040$b "eng" (note preferred order of 040 is $a $b $e $c $d)
  • 041$a check for records where $a (now repeatable) contains more than one language code
  • 049 delete (locally defined by OCLC, contains OCLC symbol of holding library)
  • 1XX$0 check records that also contain 240$a in case link goes to Authority record for Author/Title combination instead of Author.
  • 852$a "Folger Shakespeare Library" (or "DFo" if MARC code is preferable in context)

Fields and subfields to explain

  • 035$a "OCoLC" number is for identification purposes only; Hamnet is the Folger's database of record, so additions, enhancements, and corrections (if they do not affect WorldCat searching) are only made in Hamnet.
  • 245$h (GMD) is retained in Folger records, for display and searching puposes.