List of Folger Institute Artist Research Fellows

List of Folger Institute Artistic Research Fellows

(Formerly "Artist-in-Residence Fellows")

Current Artistic Research Fellowship Guidelines



Casey Carsel
The ink‚ the needle‚ the knife: A material study of the Jew in Shakespeare's England

Suzanne Coley
Old and New: Accessing Shakespeare's Sonnets and Embroidered Bindings

Leah Hampton
GERTRUDE(S): A novel

Megan Riordan
Deepening Service: researching culinary depictions‚ practices‚ and languaging in Shakespeare and the early modern era


Gbenga Adesina
Hamlet on the Atlantic

Elise Ansel
Taking Liberties

Courtney Bailey
BRITCHES - a new play about Charlotte Cushman‚ developed in collaboration with Missouri incarcerated artists

Alexander D'Agostino
The Fairy King's Grimoire

Bakpak Durden
To Be Witnessed‚ in 3 acts

Jay Eddy
Mariam‚ Fair Queen of Jersey: A Rock Opera

Krysten Fikes
ANNOTATION - A Most High Cotton Epic Poem in Three Groovements Or Otherwise Called A Most High Cotton Trilogy: An Elizabonic! Hypothesis"

Anna McNiel
Bringing Florentine food and culture closer together: how early modern food traditions have persisted to the tables of today.

Amy Reid
Unearthing Queer Ecologies

Cleavon Smith
Minor Characters Die


Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Assistant Professor of English, Mount Mercy University
"Cures for Deep Wounds" in Poetry Manuscript

Jacklyn Brickman, Lecturer, Department of Art, The Ohio State University
The Department of Planetary Futures - Division of Acclimatization

Mandy Cano Villalobos, Independent Professional Artist
Theatrum Mundi

Alexander D'Agostino, Independent Professional Artist
The Fairy King's Grimoire

Joyce Datiles, Film Director and Historian, University College London
The Landlord's Dark-Haired Daughter, an original historical drama television series

Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Independent Professional Writer
In Search of Eulalie Pelletier: A Story of Old Chicago

Mallika Kavadi, Independent Professional Filmmaker
An Eagle in a Dove-cote

Eva Rocha, Multimedia Artist, Virginia Union University
Indigenous Objectification and Persistent Contemporary Issues

Ally Zlatar, Lecturer, Philosophy, University of Glasgow
When the Body is Ill‚ The Mind Suffers: Shakespeare's unravelling of mental health‚ eating disorders and madness in Tudor England


Missy Dunaway, Independent Artist
Birds of The Bard: Shakespeare's Avian References in 64 Paintings

Desi Shelton, Founder and Artistic Director, Camden Rep
Shakes for Small Fries


Morayo Akandé, Director, Writer, and Producer, Lucid Dreamers Productions and Moyo Akandé, Producer, Lucid Dreamers Productions
1745: A Full-Length Feature Film

Dawn Hoffman, Independent Artist
Hooked on Book furniture: Clasps, Corners and Center Medallions; Materials and Techniques used in the Past, how to recreate them in the Present

Bikang Huang, Professor of English, Peking University
Shakespearean Appropriation of Classical Chinese Plays in Translation


Debra Ann Byrd, Producing Artistic Director & Classical Actress, Harlem Shakespeare Festival
BECOMING OTHELLO: A Black Girl's Journey

Mindy Stricke, Photographer and Interdisciplinary Artist
By Nature Much Delight


Hannah Baker-Saltmarsh, Poet
Research for poetry manuscript, Author Comma A Lady

Angela Iannone, Actor, Director, and Playwright
“The Prince” Play Five in The Edwin Booth Plays- Edwin Booth, Tommaso Salvini and the performance of Hamlet and Othello in 19th Century American Theatre

Hilary Leichter, Writer
The Ghost: A Commonplace Book


Jason Gray Platt, Playwright
Ye Bare and Ye Cubb

Ginger Strand, Non-Fiction Writer
Charlotte Cushman and her Circle


Leslie Smith, Book Artist, University of Iowa
Wonder and Curiosity: Broadside project