Letter from Walter Bagot to an unnamed worthy knight ca.1620 L.a.161

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Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of L.a.161, a letter from Walter Bagot to an unnamed worthy knight.
This was originally created as part of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

More manuscripts from this collection can be found in the Guide to the Papers of the Bagot Family. More transcriptions from this collection can be found on the Papers of the Bagot Family Folgerpedia page.

Transcription of L.a.161

Right worthie knight maye it please you to p​ar​don my boldnes that rather
make Choyce to bee troblesome vnto you/ in the behalf of this bea​rer, Mr​
Lovat (many years my neighbour and frend, of a peaceable Condition all
the time of his former lyfe vntill of late years hee maried a widdow in
whoe had in the​ hauinge a lease ^ of good valew​ of a tenement in​ the Countie of Salop​
entered into Covenannts in the time of her widowhood with one Primer of
that Contrie to passe the same vnto him for certen years yet unexpired
sithenst whi​ch​ time hee had and​ enioyed ^ and hath​ the same But hath dealt very inuri=
osely with him as hee informeth mee / and I thinke truly for I haue euer
knowen him honest And doe therefore humbly desier it maye please you
to yeald vnto him such fauor as the goodnes and equitie of his cause shall
deserue and after your accustomed maner p​ro​tect him from​ beinge a stranger
and no good solicetor of his owne cause