Letter from Walter Bagot, London, to Richard Bagot L.a.97

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After my most humble commendaci​ons​ good father trustinge in god
that you with my mother and my sisters with the rest of
my frends are in health whi​ch​ I praye to god longe to
continue these are first and especially to desier you
and my mother​ of your dayly blessinge And secondly
to let you vnderstand that all your frendes​ in London​
are in health. We dayly looke to knowe who shall
bee sherifes. Som report that the Queen was somwhat
displeased because most of them whi​ch​ were put in
election were belonginge vnto my Lord​ of Lecister​ and
my Lord​ of Warwicke​ they saye she will haue them of
her owne appoyntment. Semirus​ is att the court still
every man looketh but no man knoweth when he will
departe Ther was a very strange weddinge in
London​ of​ lately of a gentilman and a cytisends daughter​
the gintilman was bound vpon forfiture of all his
lands to mary a​ her by a certen daye & before the
pr​e​fixed time suspectinge her with an other would haue
geuen a great soom of mony to haue bin released
of his band but the cytisen would in any case
constraine him to mary her wherfore the gentilman​​
against the daye pr​e​pared a great number of his
acquintaince with euery one an horne about his necke
and so meeting with his wife at the church they
were maried with a ringe of horne and after the
mariage euery one blowinge a rechate solemnely his
bride and he parted. I know non other​ newes that
is worth the wrytinge wherfore in hast I take
my leave the xixth​ of Nouember
your obedient soonn​
Walter Bagott​