Letter from Thomas Worswick, Stafford to Walter Bagot L.a.990

Right wo​r​shippfu​ll my verie humble dewtie remembred &c​ I doe
vnderstand by you​r​ servant Ed: watkins​ that you​r​ wo​r​shipp hath
nottice of a willfull murther done by one Martin Broughes​
servant wi​th​in a Lordshi​pp​ of you​r​s, whi​ch​ murther was so sleightelie
overpassed by the inhab​itantes​ thereabouts that had not my
readines ben more then theres, the bodie had ben vnburied
till this houre, in the meane season the murthered​r is
escaped hauinge had entertainmen​t​ in Broughes​ house
one that I know is a verie peevishe companion as by
his answeres to me I did well per​​ceiue, vo​ and for that
by the evidence yt did appeare that Broughes​ people
did giue entertainemen​t​ to the murtherer knowinge yt by
his owne Confession, I could do no lesse then bynde
him and them over, besydes that I must further signifie
vnto you​r​ wo​r​shippe that vppon my certificat into the
Crowne Office the towneshippes of Bagottes​ Bromley​
and Abbottes​ Bromley​ must payee​ a ffyne for thescape
of the murtherer, out of whi​ch​ the queene​ allowes me
xiijs​ iiijd​​ for a fee, as by the statute yt appeareth,
Thus much I signified to Brough​, but he made no
reckininge of me. I am verie loath to trouble the
cuntrie, especiallie any that shall belonge to you​r​ selfe
yett I would haue them do that whi​ch​ appurteyneth
to them to doe, ffor otherwise yt is fitt the should be taught.
But how so euer​ they deserue, I purpose to do nothinge
that I maie know shall discontent you​r​ wo​r​shippe, And
therefore what you​ would haue me doe ether towardes​
the towneshippes or Broughe​ him selfe, you​ maie saie
yt shalbe so, ffor th​ wi​th​out manie wordes you​r​ wo​r​shippe
shall euer​ comaund me. And there ^fore​ if yt please you​ to
signifie to me what you​ wold haue done, so yt be before
the assises I will per​​forme yt. And so I humblie take my
leaue. Stafford​​ .23. of ffebruary​ 1598
your​ wor​shippes​ euer​ much
bounden to commaund​
Thomas​ Worswick​