L'Homme Arm: Music from the Hundred Years' War

Folger Consort performed L'Homme Arme: Music from the Hundreds Year War from October 27-29, 1979. Music in the fourteenth century was considered indispensable in all sorts of situations. It is not surprising, therefore, that music was an integral part of medieval warfare. This performance highlighted Parisian pieces from the first quarter of the fifteenth century which demonstrate a clear stylistic trend away from complexity for its own sake.


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors:

  • Robert Eisenstein, vielle, lute, recorder
  • Christopher Kendall, lute, harp
  • Scott Reiss, recorders, psaltery, percussion

Other Members

  • Ann Monoyios, soprano
  • Judith Malafronte, mezzo-soprano
  • Peter Becker, countertenor
  • Wendy Gillespie, vielle, lute
  • Louise Schulman, vielle, lute