Josephine Jacobsen

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Josephine Jacobsen has read for the O.B. Hardison Poetry Series on numerous occasions: November 11, 1975, January 1, 1977, April 13, 1981, December 9, 1983, and on December 12, 1989 for the Emily Dickinson Birthday Tribute.

Josephine Jacobsen. William Pelham.

Jacobsen, once “one of the best kept secrets of American literature,” achieved long-deserved international recognition at age 82. She has written seven books of poetry and three collections of short stories whose deceptively simple surfaces conceal carefully calibrated interior landscapes. In 1990 her work, On the Island was a finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction.

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Listen to her read "The Chinese Insomniacs" at her Emily Dickinson Birthday Tribute Reading in December 12, 1989.

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