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Those interested in the Info Org Book Club should feel free to use this space to discuss readings, prepare for book club meetings, ask questions, propose topics for upcoming meetings, etc.

Brief glossary of some common linked data-related terms

  • BIBFRAME – Bibliographic Framework Initiative – data model for bibliographic description – meant to be linked data-compatible
  • FOAF – Friend of a Friend – a vocabulary (technically an ontology) to describe people and their relationships to other people
  • HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol – main standard for transferring hypertext (structured text with links) on the internet
  • LOD – Linked Open Data – information (data!) represented in a way that shows its relationships and connections with other data, made openly available on the web
  • OWL – Web Ontology Language – an ontology standard for creating vocabularies to represent entities and relationships
  • RDF – Resource Description Framework – a data modeling standard – one of the most common ways of packaging linked data
  • SKOS – Simple Knowledge Organization System – standard for developing structured vocabularies/linked data
  • SPARQL – SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language – database query language designed to retrieve information stored in RDF format
  • URI – Uniform Resource Identifier – set of characters used to represent a resource – should be stable & persistent
  • URL – Uniform Resource Locator – a form of URI that automatically navigates to the resource’s location on a network
  • W3C – World Wide Web Consortium – an international community that develops and maintains web-related standards

Projects and/or tools mentioned at the August 13th meeting (Linked Data 1)

Possible topics for future sessions

Please feel free to add to this list, or indicate enthusiasm or disinterest.

  • MARC history (how the catalog became the catalog)
  • Catalog data manipulation (MARCEdit, OpenRefine, etc)
  • Big data - uses, misuses, methodology and more
  • Wiki systems and history
  • Markup languages (HTML, XML, Wiki markup, TEI, etc etc) & their purposes
  • Copyright & licensing issues
  • Digital archiving (Archive-It, Internet Archive, database management?)