Folger vault material request system

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We register readers and process all vault material research through the Aeon system as of August 17, 2017.

If you have researched with us before, you do not need to resubmit your materials. You do need to create an online request account.

Before visiting to consult vault material, be sure to sign up for an account with us. We’ll process current reader accounts as quickly as possible. Requesting vault materials through Finding Aids or entering Hamnet or card catalog information into your request account ahead of your next visit will allow you to dive directly into your research and allow us to continue providing excellent service.

For more information, read about the transition to the online request system on the Folger's research blog, The Collation.

System implementation

As of August 17, 2017, the Folger Shakespeare Library uses Aeon by Atlas Systems as its combined reader application and vault material request system. Visit ( and select "First time users" to get started.

Reader application

The Folger Shakespeare Library welcomes researchers from across the United States and around the world. To apply for reading privileges, please select the category that best reflects your needs and submit your application to the Reader Registrar through the first time users portal. You may wish to consult our reader orientation guide for other important information you need to know before coming to the Folger for the first time.

First time users

Current readers who have not used the vault material request system at the Folger must create an account. Current readers do not need to reapply for privileges. We will verify your status in our records and grant you access. We will use your account creation as an opportunity to update your contact information. Once we verify your status, you will be able to place vault material requests in the system.

Please note you must still create an account to request vault materials at the Folger even if you have a request account at another institution.

Follow this link to register for an Aeon account.

Become a reader

Regular readers

Regular readers are academics, librarians or curators, and Folger docents. The following are eligible for regular reader privileges:

  • Full-time faculty from colleges and universities who are working in a field supported by Folger collections.
  • PhDs and PhD candidates who have successfully completed qualifying exams working in a field of study supported by Folger collections.
  • Librarians and curators from research institutions.
  • Folger docents (if they do not fall under any of the categories above) who have completed 600 hours or six years of consecutive service.

To apply: Fill out the registration form and submit one letter of reference from a professional colleague that verifies your qualifications. All letters must be from an institutional email address or on preprinted letterhead signed by the referee. You will be prompted to email your references to

Once you have received reader status, your request account will prompt you to review your contact information on an annual basis.

Special-permission readers

Special-permission readers are students, educators, theater professionals, and other individuals who have a need to access the Folger collections.

The length of special-permission reading privileges is determined on a case-by-case basis. Special-permission readers can apply to have their privileges renewed by submitting a new application (including letters of reference) to the registrar through Aeon.

These people are eligible for a special-permission reader card:

  • Graduate students at any stage before completing qualifying exams who have a research project that requires access to Folger collections.
  • Undergraduates at the junior or senior level who are working on a project for which the Folger provides unique resources.
  • Other scholars or individuals, such as artists, actors, booksellers, professional theater staff, teachers, and writers for whom Folger collections are critical for study, preparation, or production.

To apply: Fill out the registration form and supply two letters of reference that verify your academic qualifications and the relevance of the Folger collection to your research. If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, one letter must be from your adviser. All letters must be from an institutional email address or on pre-printed letterhead signed by the writer. You will be prompted to email your references to

Once you have received special-permission reader status, your account will prompt you to renew your project and contact information after three months.

Academic program participant

Participants in seminars, symposia, and workshops sponsored by Folger Institute as well as participants in the Teaching Shakespeare Institute will automatically be registered as readers and do not need to provide a separate application.

All academic program participants ‘’’do’’’ need to create a request account as soon as you are accepted into a Folger program. Select the "Create an account" button, and then select "Academic program participant" in the "Reader type" dropdown. Readers can renew once through their account without re-submitting an application.

If you are participating in a conference held at the Folger and would like to use the reading room, you will need to apply through Aeon as either a regular or special-permission reader depending on your academic qualifications.

Folger staff

Folger staff who do not have access to the staff client should also register for a request account and place their vault material requests through the public portal. Anyone with a Folger staff "Reader type" assigned to their account automatically will see the in-house photo request form.

Vault material requests

Vault material requests no long require handwritten call slips. Instead, we ask that you submit requests for vault materials through your request account. You can do this by copying information from Hamnet or the card catalog into a vault material request form or by selecting the request link in the Finding Aids database. This action will automatically populate the required request information in your request account.

Requestable vault materials in Hamnet include anything with “Vault” listed in its location field near the bottom of the record. A request link will appear in the Finding Aids database. Clicking the link will prompt you to sign into your request account and will automatically fill in the required fields, or replicate the finding aid in your account for selection of specific items.

Scheduling requests

You may schedule when you would like to view your requested materials through your request account. Please feel free to submit requests for your visit before you arrive on site. The day you select to schedule your request is the first day you wish to consult the materials. Requests are paged according to desired day of consultation on a first come, first served basis.

Request paging

Vault materials are not paged before 9 am, from 11am-1pm, and after 4:15 pm during the week or on Saturdays. If you wish to consult an item on a Saturday, please be sure to place your request on or before 3:00 pm on Friday. Retrieval time for rare materials is usually 30–60 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Keep for review

Rather than schedule requests for all the materials you wish to view over the course of your visit, you may select “Keep for review” for requests to schedule them for a later date. To schedule a request you have kept for review, select the “Review Requests” link in the account menu and schedule a date there.

Number of requests

There are no request limits, but please note that you will only be able to view up to 6 items at a time in the reading room, and that number is subject to the discretion of the reading room staff.

Please be considerate of how many items you request at once. Remember, you can always submit the bulk of your requests in advance of your visit.

You may choose to hold your materials for daily use over the duration of your visit. Your request account maintains a history of your requests, so if you do return an item and wish to view it again, simply double click the request and choose the “Clone request” option.

Requesting multiple copies of the same title

To request multiple copies of the same title, create one vault material request with the "copy 1" information. Return to your "Home" screen, double click the request you just created. At the top, select "Clone to Vault Material Request" and change the copy number in the "Call number" field. Submit the new request.

Open stacks books

Open stacks books do not circulate through this system. You may not place requests for them through your request account. Please continue to charge open stacks books at a circulation desk. Although open stacks materials do not leave the building, you may request to hold those books at the reading room desk, or have a shelf assigned to you if you will be at the Folger for an extended period of time.