Folger Paleography listserv

Supported by the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project and the Folger Institute, the Folger Paleography listserv ( is devoted to building a community of paleographers and paleography teachers to collaborate on current training techniques and strategies, to ask for and offer advice about transcriptions, to share news regarding paleography, and, if so inclined, to join virtual transcribing efforts associated with EMMO or similar projects.

We have subscribed people to this list because of their previous involvement with manuscripts or paleography training at the Folger or under our Curator of Manuscripts, Heather Wolfe, at the Huntington, Rare Book School, or elsewhere. Should you wish to be subscribed to this listserv, please write to, and we will gladly add you.

If you wish to be unsubscribed from this list, please send a message to and we’ll remove you promptly.