Folger Institute 2015–2016 long-term fellows

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Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2015–2016.

(NEH) Paul Dover, History, Kennesaw State University

The Reign of Paper: Information in the Early Modern Age

(NEH) Thomas Fulton, English, Rutgers University

Biblical Readers and Renaissance Writers: Politics, Hermeneutics, and Literary Culture from Erasmus to Milton

(Mellon) Christopher Highley, English, The Ohio State University

Blackfriars: Playhouse, Church, and Neighborhood in Early Modern London

(Mellon) Alanna Skuse, English, University of Exeter

"Recompact my scatter’d body": Selfhood and Surgical Alteration in Early Modern England

(ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship) Jessica Brantley, English, Yale University

The Medieval Imagetext: A Literary History of the Book of Hours

(ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship), Alexa Huang, English, The George Washington University

Shakespeare and East Asia