Folger Institute 2013–2014 long-term fellows

Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2013–2014. For Scholarly programs, see our 2013–2014 program archive page.

(Mellon) Paul Cefalu, Associate Professor of English, Lafayette College

The Mind and Body of God: Divine Accommodation and Anthropomorphism in Early Modern English Culture

(NEH) Pamela O. Long, Independent Historian, Washington, DC

Rebuilding Rome: Knowledge, Power, and Engineering, 1557–1590

(NEH) Paul Menzer, Director, Shakespeare and Performance Graduate Program, Mary Baldwin College

Shakespeare, Anecdotally

(Folger) Julie Park, Assistant Professor of English, Vassar College

Dark Rooms and Moving Objects: Mediating Interior Life in Eighteenth-Century England

(Mellon) Daniel Shore, Assistant Professor of English, Georgetown University

Cyberformalism: The History of Syntactic Forms in the Early Modern Period