Folger Institute 2012–2013 short-term fellows

Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2012–2013 academic year. For Scholarly Programs, see our 2012–2013 program archive.

Marco Barducci, Political Thought, University of Florence

"Hugo Grotius and the Reception of De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra in the English Revolution, 1640–1660"

Clara Calvo, English, University of Murcia

"Shakespeare and the Cultures of Commemoration"

Ian Campbell, History, Trinity College Dublin

"Protestant Natural Law and Irish Natural Slaves"

Brinda Charry, English, Keene State College

"‘Imperfect Men:’ Eunuchs, The East, and Early Modern English Drama"

Matthew Davies, IHR, University of London

"London 1300–1550"

Chad Van Dixhoorn, History, Reformed Theological Seminary

"The Westminster Assembly and the Pulpit"

Eric Dursteler, History, Brigham Young University

"Around the Mediterranean Table: Foodways and Identity in the Early Modern Era"

J. Caitlin Finlayson, English, University Michigan-Dearborn

"Stephen Harrison’s The Arches of Triumph: James I’s London Royal Entry and the Architectural Representation of Majesty"

John Garrison, English, Carroll University

"Enriching Friendship"

Gail McMurray Gibson, English, Davidson College

"Sir Kenelm Digby, Cultures of Recusancy, and The Digby Plays"

Colette Gordon, English, University of Cape Town

"Shakespeare’s Play of Credit"

Lianne Habinek, Literature, Bard College

"Such Wondrous Science: Metaphor and the Birth of Neuroscience in Early Modern England"

Susan Harlan, English, Wake Forest University

"Objects of War: Military Dress, Memory, and the Making of the Early Modern English Subject"

Johanna Harris, English, University of Exeter

"The Collected Works of Thomas Traherne Volume III"

Christopher Highley, English, Ohio State University

"The Blackfriars Neighborhood: God’s House and Playhouse"

Wendy Hyman, English, Oberlin College

"Skeptical Seductions: Carpe Diem Poetry and the Eroticism of Doubt"

Stacey Jocoy, Musicology, Texas Tech University

"John Playford and the Evolution of The Introduction to the Skill of Musick"

Erin Kelly, English, University of Victoria

"Performing Religious Conversion in Early Modern England"
Sixteenth-Century Studies/Folger Fellow

Gerard Kilroy, English, University College London

"Edmund Campion and William Shakespeare: an Uncertain Connection"

Natasha Korda, English, Wesleyan University

"Sister Arts: Theater and Visual Culture in Early Modern England"

Douglas Lanier, English, University of New Hampshire

"America’s Shakespeare Commemorated: 1864, 1916, 1964"

John Lavagnino, English, King’s College London

"The Death and Rebirth of Early Modern Drama"

Yu Liu, English, Niagara County Community College

"Harmonious Disagreement: Matteo Ricci and his Closest Chinese Friends"

Brian Lockey, English, St. John’s University

"The Pope’s Scholars: Catholics, Royalists, and Cosmopolitans Writing at the Margins of Early Modern England"

Cecilia Maier-Kapoor, Modern Languages and Literatures, Pace University

"Platonic Love Reconsidered: The Role of Medicine in Francesco Cattani da Diacceto’s ‘I tre libre d’amore’ (1561)"

Howard Marchitello, English, Rutgers University-Camden

"The Diary Notebooks of Reverend John Ward: Early Modern ‘Science in Action’"

Rupali Mishra, History, Auburn University

"A Business of State: the Meanings of the East India Company and English State in London and Asia in the 17th Century"

Paul Musselwhite, History, University of Glasgow

"Conceiving the Plantation Town: Civic Structures in English Atlantic Debate"
American Historical Association/Folger Fellow

Marcy North, English, Pennsylvania State University

"Scribal Labor and the Exercise of Taste in Post-Print Manuscript Culture"

Kara Northway, English, Kansas State University

"Actors’ Letters"

Monique O’Connell, History, Wake Forest University

"Constructing Narratives, Building Empire: Renaissance Republicanism and Venetian Expansion"

Elizabeth Patton, Humanities, Johns Hopkins University

"Reading the Rosary and Marking its Absence: Readers’ Marks and the Reformation History of the “beads” and the Little Office of the Virgin"

Chiara Petrolini, Renaissance Studies, Balzan Foundation

"Between Two Worlds: a Critical edition of A True Historicall Conversion of Sir Tobie Matthew"

Nicholas Popper, History, College of William and Mary

"Edmund Tilney’s Topographical Descriptions and Elizabethan Political Culture"

Todd Reeser, French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh

"Setting Plato Straight: Translating Ancient Sexuality in the Renaissance"

Colleen Rosenfeld, English, Pomona College

"Indecorous Thinking: Poetic Figures and the Production of Knowledge in Early Modern England"

Julia Schleck, English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

"The Genres of Early Capitalism"

Deneen Senasi, English, Mercer University

"Companionate Reading, Coincidental Inscription, and the Associated Name: George Eliot, George Henry Lewes, and the Works of Shakespeare"

Daniel Smith, English, University of Reading

"Early Modern Manuscripts at the Folger: The Conways, John Donne, and Bess of Hardwick"

Scott Sowerby, History, Northwestern University

"Acquisitive Cosmopolitanism and the Early British Empire, 1660–1720"

Elizabeth Spiller, English, Florida State University

"The Sense of Matter: Science, Matter Theory, and Literary Creations in the Renaissance"

Felicity Stout, Humanities, Nottingham Trent University

"Richard Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations: a New Critical Edition of V.4, the Russian Material"

Kristina Straub, English, Carnegie Mellon University

"Shakespearean Performance and the Sexual Imaginary of 18th-Century London Theatre"

Rivka Swenson, English, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Before Unionism: Parts, Wholes, and Aesthetic Politics, 1603–1707"

Patrick Tuite, Drama, Catholic University of America

"Dramaturgy in the Age of Monarch

Lucy Underwood, History, Independent Scholar

"Imagining Englands: Confessionalization and National Identity after the English Reformation"

Susan Wabuda, History, Fordham University

"Cranmer’s Women"