Folger Institute 2011–2012 long-term fellows

Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2011-2012. For Scholarly programs, see our 2011–2012 program archive page.

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

Kathryn Gucer, Independent Scholar, Chicago, IL

Revolution Across the Channel: Cross-Cultural Information Exchange between Early Modern England and Europe

David Loewenstein, Helen C. White Professor of English and the Humanities, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Treacherous Faith: Heresy and Demonization in Early Modern English Literature

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellows

Lena Cowen Orlin, Professor of English, Georgetown University

The Private Life of William Shakespeare

William H. Sherman, Professor of English, University of York

Knowledge is Power: Renaissance Intelligence and Its Modern Legacies

ACLS/Burkhardt Fellows

David Como, Associate Professor of History, Stanford University

Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War

Jonathan Sheehan, Associate Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley

Sacrifice: Theology and the Human Sciences in Early Modern Europe