Folger Institute 2009–2010 long-term fellows

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Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2009–2010. For Scholarly programs, see our 2009–2010 program archive page.

Mellon Fellows

Dympna C. Callaghan, Dean’s Professor in the Humanities, Syracuse University

Shakespeare in Pieces

Stefano Villani, Recercatore, Dipartimento di Storia, Università di Pisa

Seventeenth-century English Translations of Italian Books

NEH Fellows

Bradin Cormack, Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago

Shakespeare’s Substance: A Reading of the Sonnets

Marshall Grossman, Professor of English, University of Maryland

Reason’s Martyrs: Poetry and Belief in ‘Paradise Regained,’ to which is added, ‘Samson Agonistes’

R. Carter Hailey, Research Associate, College of William & Mary

The Shakespeare Papers: Paper Stocks of Shakespeare Folios, Quartos, and Octavos to 1640