Folger Community Scholars

The Folger Institute is proud to support individual research that enriches and expands our understanding of the early modern world. We value research that grapples with tough historical questions and that engages with what primary sources both say and do not say in order to produce histories encompassing diverse regions, questions, and methods.

Many of these researchers call the Washington, DC metro area home, either permanently or as part of an extended residency. In the spirit of past gatherings such as Folger Tea, the Folger Community Scholars supports local academics throughout the many kinds and stages of work which are necessary components of the research process.

The Folger Community Scholars provides regular in-person and virtual opportunities for informal networking and feedback through outreach, programming, partnership, and communication channels that ensure equitable access and remove barriers to participation. The Community is interdisciplinary and diverse, warmly welcoming local scholars and graduate students who engage with a broadly defined, formal study of the early modern era and its legacies.

The Folger Institute strongly believes that knowledge creation is the product of expansive and diverse intellectual communities, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the highest standards of honesty and equity are met. All members of the Folger Community Scholars are expected to abide by the Folger Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Values.

If you would like to join the network of Folger Community Scholars, please email and request to be added to the listserv.

Inaugural Co-Conveners

Dr. Ross Duffin

Dr. Elizabeth Hageman

2024-25 Co-Conveners

Dr. Faith Acker

Dr. Liam Daley

Dr. Justine DeCamillis