Fellowship application guidelines

All applicants for long- and short-term fellowships at the Folger Institute must have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application. Applications are submitted through the Folger's online application portal, which will be open soon.


The application deadline for long-term fellowships in 2014-15 is 1 November 2013.

The application deadline for short-term fellowships in 2014-15 is 1 March 2014.


250-word abstract

a 1,000-word proposal narrative with a brief bibliography of primary sources to be consulted

a 4-page curriculum vitae

3 Letters of support

  • Letters must be submitted through the online application portal. Letters may not be submitted via Interfolio or other portfolio service.
  • Letters of support should be written by scholars who can attest to the significance of the proposed work and your ability to realize the project will likely write most persuasively on your behalf. Departmental colleagues and dissertation advisors may write wonderful letters, but those letters may also be read by reviewers as slightly weighted towards the personal.


Applicants for long-term NEH fellowships must either be US citizens or foreign nationals who have been teaching at a US institution for the last three years. All our other fellowships (Mellon and Folger long- and short-term) are open to scholars of any nationality.