Erica Zimmer

This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

a.k.a.: Mary Erica Zimmer.

Scholarly Programs

Participant, Early Modern Manuscripts Online: New Directions in Teaching and Research (IMLS-funded Spring 2017 Conference)

Participant, Visualizing English Print (Fall 2016 Semester Seminar)

Participant, Beyond Access: Early Modern Digital Texts in the Classroom (Summer 2016 NEH Division of Preservation and Access Faculty Workshop)

Participant, Theatres of Learning (1500-1750) (Fall 2015 Conference)

Participant, Early Modern Digital Agendas 2015 (NEH Seminar, 2015)

Participant, Shakespeare's Language (Spring 2015 Symposium)

Participant, Early Modern Digital Agendas 2013 (NEH Seminar, 2013)


Digitizing the Stage, 2019

Digitizing the Stage, 2017