Deleting or suppressing records in TIND

Bibliographic records are only deleted if they are accidental duplicates or were otherwise created in error. Even then, they are only deleted from the active database, so can still be retrieved from the server.

Records can also be suppressed from public view in the catalog. This happens for various reasons, e.g., a rare book that was ordered turned out to have been incorrectly described by the dealer, so it was returned rather than accessioned into the collection. The record needs to remain in the system so that it continues to appear in the Acquisitions module as an item that was ordered.


There are four ways authorized users can delete bibliographic records. Each requires a different level of authorization.

  1. One by one using the Record Editor's "Delete" function:
    1. Make note of the 001 (record id number)
    2. Open the MARC record
    3. Click the down-arrow next to "Record" at the top of the left-hand side to expand the choices ("Delete" is deliberately hidden, to avoid temptation)
    4. Click the "DELETE" button
    5. Confirm the deletion
    6. If record has been deleted in favor of another, add 035 __ $$z (DFo)[deleted record 001] to the remaining record
  2. One-by-one using the Record Editor:
    1. Add 980__ $$c DELETED $$z [reason for deletion]
  3. In small batches from a set of search results using the Batch Editor (no more than a few hundred records at a time)
    1. Add 980__ $$c DELETED $$z [reason for deletion]
  4. In batches of any size from a .csv file of record IDs using the Batch Uploader in "append" mode
    1. Use "001", "980__c", and "980__z" as the column headers (alternatively, if certain the match is unique, use "035__a", "980__c", and "980__z")
    2. Add 980__ $$c DELETED $$z [reason for deletion]


  • To suppress a bibliographic record from public display, add 991__ $$aSUPPRESSED
  • To suppress item details from public display, change the 2nd indicator of the 852 to "9"
  • To suppress items from public display in the item grid, toggle the "Suppressed" flag in the item record or use the "Suppress" action in Global Lists

Special categories of suppressed records

Some suppressed records are not only suppressed from public view, but are also suppressed from general staff view. Only staff in Acquisitions and Collection Description will see records that have one or more of the following 980 fields (in addition to "SUPPRESSED" in the 991 field)

  • 980__ $$aACQRECORD
    Records that exist for Acquisitions payment purposes only (e.g., when the individual titles in a series are cataloged separately, there needs to be a dummy record for the series as a whole attached to the purchase order). Collection name: Acquisitions Order Records
  • 980__ $$aBSLW
    Temporary load of sample records from Backstage Library Works for testing purposes. Collection name: BSLW
  • 980__ $$aIN FAVOR OF
    Duplicate records marked "Deleted in favor of" or "Suppressed in favor of" in Voyager. Some of these just need verification before they can be deleted for real. Others need to have their purchase order re-linked to the replacement record. Collection name: Deleted or Suppressed in favor of