Collections of records in the catalog

search box plus "Narrow by collection" list with five top-level entries
Screenshot of the central portion of the landing page for the Folger catalog

The catalog's main search box searches within all the categories and subcategories listed in the "Narrow by collection" section below it, and only within that set of records. In other words, before a record can be found in the catalog, it must be assigned to a "collection" of catalog records. In most cases, the assignment is done by machine, based on standard coding within the record's MARC data. "Subscription databases" is the exception. There is no machine-readable MARC code for them, so catalogers need to add the abbreviation "DB" to a non-displaying field by hand.

Collection tree

The list of categories and subcategories within a Category:TIND ILS catalog is known as the "Collection tree." Each branch on the tree uses a customizable search query that automatically pulls records into that collection. In most cases, the query is a Regular Expression that searches coded data in the MARC record. For a more user-friendly explanation of the contents of each collection than what's given here, follow the link for each collection's name.

  • Books & Serials consists of all records in the following subcategories:
    • Incunabula
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./ AND (008:/^.{7}1500./ OR 008:/^.{7}14./)
      Explanation: All records where byte 6 of the MARC Leader is a, c, or e (that is, Type of Record = Language material, Notated music, or Cartographic material) AND where either of these is true: bytes 7-10 of the MARC 008 are "1500" or bytes 7 and 8 are "14" (that is, the year of creation of the original resource is either the year 1500, or any year from the 1400s)
    • STC imprints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./ AND (008:/^.{7}1[45]./ OR 008:/^.{7}16[0123]./ OR 008:/^.{7}1640./) AND (008:/^.{35}eng./ OR 008:/^.{17}k./ OR 008:/^.{15}ie./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Wing imprints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./ AND (008:/^.{7}164[1-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}16[5-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}1700./) AND (008:/^.{35}eng./ OR 008:/^.{17}[ku]./ OR 008:/^.{15}ie./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Pre-1831 imprints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./ AND (008:/^.{7}1[4-7]./ OR 008:/^.{7}18[0-2]./ OR 008:/^.{7}1830./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Post-1830 imprints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./ AND (008:/^.{7}183[u1-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}18[4-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}19./ OR 008:/^.{7}2./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Serials
      Query: 000:/^.{6}a./ AND 000:/^.{7}[bs]./
      Explanation: (to come)
    • All imprints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[ace]./
      Explanation: (to come)
  • Art & Objects consists of all records in the following subcategories:
    • Prints
      Query: 000:/^.{6}k./ AND 007:/^.{1}[fjkps]./
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Photos
      Query: 000:/^.{6}k./ AND 007:/^.{1}[ghv]./
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Drawings
      Query: 000:/^.{6}k./ AND 007:/^.{1}[dl]./
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Paintings
      Query: ((000:/^.{6}k./ AND 007:/^.{1}e./) OR (000:/^.{6}k./ AND 007:/^.{1}d.c./))
      Explanation: (to come)
    • All pictures
      Query: 000:/^.{6}k./
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Objects
      Query: 000:/^.{6}r./
      Explanation: (to come)
  • Manuscripts consists of all records in the following subcategories:
    • Pre-1701 manuscripts
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[dft]./ AND (008:/^.{7}1700./ OR 008:/^.{7}1[0-6]./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • Post-1700 manuscripts
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[dft]./ AND (008:/^.{7}170[1-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}17[u1-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}1[8-9]./ OR 008:/^.{7}2./)
      Explanation: (to come)
    • All manuscripts
      Query: 000:/^.{6}[dft]./
      Explanation: (to come)
  • Other formats consists of all records in the following subcategories:
  • Subscription databases
    Query: 980:"DB"
    Explanation: (to come)