Bills and receipts of mercers, etc. to Lady Jane (Stanhope) Townshend, L.d.802-813

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Below is a basic semi-diplomatic transcription of a bill/receipt to Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend). Henry Clay Folger purchased the Bacon-Townshend papers in October 1925 from Mr. Frank Marcham, a London rare book and manuscript dealer. This transcription was originally completed as part of the first Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

Transcription L.d.807 fol. 1r

July the xxvth - 1590​
first for ix elles iij q.uar​ter. ​of lening Cloth​
by Mrs​ Spencer at iijs​ ________ xxix.s​ vj.d​​
for iiij ounc​es of Silke at xxijd​ ________ vij.s​iiij.d​​
Sume is - xxxvij.s​x.d​​
for which she hath had​ of​
Sugar at xjd​ the pound ______ xij.s​xd​​
and xviijli​ at xd​ the pound ______ xvj.s​​
Sume is - xxvij.s​x.d​​
Ad​ So is dew unto her ix.s