Bibliography of readings related to "Golden Lads & Lasses": Shakespeare for Children

This article is related to “Golden Lads and Lasses”: Shakespeare for Children, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger.

The following list includes books by and about Shakespeare that are geared for children and were featured in the exhibition. The list is not meant to be comprehensive but to provide a sampling of titles for the young. Unfortunately, some of these titles are out of print.

Aliki. William Shakespeare and the Globe. New York: HarperTrophy, 2000.
Folger Call Number: Folio Sh.Misc. 2044
Aronson, Billy. Romeo & Juliet. Illustrations by Hokanson/Cichetti. Sagebrush, 2001.
Folger Call Number: PR2878.R6 A76 1996 (c1996)
Blackwood, Gary. Shakespeare’s spy. New York: Dutton Books, 2003.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2017
Burdett, Lois. A child’s portrait of Shakespeare. Richmond Hill, Ont.; Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly Books, 1995.
Folger Call Number: PR2895 .B87 1995
Burdett, Lois. Macbeth for kids. Firefly Books, 1996.
Folger Call Number:
Cheaney, J. B. The playmaker. New York: Yearling, 2002.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2019
Chrisp, Peter. Eyewitness: Shakespeare. New York: DK Publishing, 2002.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2003
Cooper, Susan. King of shadows. New York: Aladdin, 2001.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2029
Cullum, Albert. Shake hands with Shakespeare. New York: Scholastic, 1968.
Folger Call Number: PR2877 .C8
Early, Margaret. The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1998.
Folger Call Number: Folio Sh.Misc. 2043
Fiedler, Lisa. Dating Hamlet: Ophelia’s story. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 2002.
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Forward, Toby. Shakespeare’s Globe: an interactive pop-up theatre. Boston: Candlewick, 2005.
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Garfield, Leon. Shakespeare stories. Illustrated by Michael Foreman. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998.
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Graves, Joseph. Dramatic tales founded on Shakespeare’s plays. London: J. Duncombe, [ca. 1830].
Folger Call Number: Sh.misc. 1591
Hall Schor, Catharine. A midsummer night’s dream. Young people’s Shakespeare series. Shaftsbury, VT: Mountainside Press, 2003.
Folger Call Number: PR2827 .A25 2003
Hassinger, Peter. Shakespeare’s daughter. [New York]: Laura Geringer, 2004.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2018
Hodges, C. Walter. Shakespeare’s theatre. London: Oxford University Press, 1964.
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Kastan, David Scott, and Marina Kastan. William Shakespeare. Illustrated by Glen Harrington. Poetry for young people series. New York: Sterling Pub., 2000.
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Kositsky, Lynne. A Question of Will. Cover illustration by Carol Biberstein. Montréal: Roussan Publishers, 2000.
Folger Call Number: PZ7 .K85255 2000
Lamb, Charles, and Mary Lamb. Tales from Shakespeare. Illustrated by Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliott. New York: Children’s Classics, 1999.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2009
Mark, Jan. Stratford boys. London: Hodder Children’s Books, 2004.
Folger Call Number: Sh.Misc. 2020
Miller, Carol Rawlings. Irresistible Shakespeare. New York: Scholastic Professional Books, 2001.
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Nesbit, E. The children's Shakespeare. Illustrated by Frances Brundage, M. Bowley, J. Willis Grey, etc. etc. London; New York: R. Tuck, [189-?].
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———. A midsummer night's dream. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. London: Heinemann; New York: Doubleday, 1908.
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———. Othello. Edited by Roma Gill. Oxford school Shakespeare series. Oxford, UK; New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
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———. Romeo and Juliet. Edited by Diane Timmerman. 90-minute Shakespeare series. Hanover, NH: Smith & Kraus, 2001.
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———. Romeo and Juliet. Edited by Rex Gibson. Cambridge school Shakespeare series. Cambridge, U.K.; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005.
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