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This article is attached to the BardMetrics initiative and is a source of information pertinent to that initiative. For more information on this project, see BardMetrics (disambiguation).

Basic features

Novelrank is a website designed to help independent authors assess their BardMetrics Amazon sales rank. Since the Amazon sales rank is an ever-changing number, is a database designed to track (and keep track) of specified book sales.

Users can create a Novelrank profile using a number of extant services: Facebook, openID, Microsoft account, twitter, Google, or Yahoo accounts. Once an account is created, a user can generate a list of books to track. These books are added manually, one at a time, by the user via ISBN or ASIN of the book which the user would like to track.

A user's booklist is public to any individual with that user's username and/or unique account link page.


A user may track up to 100 books on Novelrank's free service. If a user would like to track more than this, she can look into Novelrank's Enterprise Edition.

Data for a book actively listen on Amazon will be kept in the Novelrank database for 18 months. After this period, old sales data might be archived and immediately unavailable.

If a book's statistics have not been accessed for a period of two months, it will be marked as inactive. Three such marks will denote a dormant title, and that title will be booted from the Novelrank server until manually re-added by a user. After 3-6 months of inactivity on Amazon, a book might also be marked as "inactive" and, thereby, find itself in danger of being archived.


Novelrank data is issued in Pacific Time. Novelrank pings Amazon's sales data once an hour; though if a book has (historically) achieved a high ranking, it will discontinue at this frequency (depending on the book's rank). Novelrank will ping a book at least once every day.

Sources and further reading

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