Annotated bibliography of readings related to Open City: London, 1500–1700

This article is related to Open City: London, 1500–1700, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger.

This annotated bibliography of readings related to includes print and web resources. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but is meant to lead the interested reader to some of the many resources in the area early modern London.

Web Resources

Interactive Websites

Great Fire of London
The Museum of London produced this multimedia walking tour of the Great Fire of London. You can watch the nine segments on YouTube or download the files in various formats.
YouTube Playlist:
Map of Early Modern London
The “Agas” map of London, from around the 1560s, is a woodcut printed on eight sheets. Scaled for wall display, its total size is approximately 2 feet by 6 feet. With funding from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, a team of scholars at the University of Victoria has been constructing an online, interactive version.
Tour Hogenburg's London
Visit this map of London to find the locations of, and learn fun facts about landmark sites from early modern London—many of which are still around today.
Virtual Paul's Cross Project
Follow the work-in-progress on the Paul's Cross Project, which has been supported by a Digital Humanities grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. When complete, it will enable scholars to experience John Donne's Gunpowder Day Sermon for November 5, 1622 in the space for which it was originally intended to be delivered, from multiple listening locations, in the midst of different sizes of congregations, and surrounded by the sounds of urban London life.

Online Editions

A Caveatt for the Citty of London
The full set of drawings of London’s late sixteenth-century markets from Hugh Alley’s A Caveatt for the City of London is available through the Folger Shakespeare Library’s digital image database, LUNA.
Folger Call number: V.a.318
London—A City Through Time
This map and book and guide is available as an iPad app that includes articles, images, and panoramic views of the 2000 year history of this city.


Two professors of economic history from the London School of Economics present some findings of their study of “Apprenticeship in Early Modern London” in this lecture at Gresham College. Gresham College was founded by Sir Thomas Gresham, who also founded the Royal Exchange.

Print Resources

The following titles are sorted thematically and arranged alphabetically.

Collections of scholarly essays

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