Voyager quick start guide

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Ambox notice.png This page refers to the Voyager ILS, an Ex Libris product used at the Folger from 1996 to 2022.

For current documentation on using the catalog, see Category:Catalog.
For current documentation on staff use of the ILS, see Category:TIND ILS.

This article describes basic functions of Voyager for a person who is new to it but may have used other integrated library systems before.

Searching in Voyager

  • The Search button is located in the icon bar at the top of the screen as a magnifying glass over text (Alt+R+S)
  • Four different search tabs are available: keyword, index selection, builder, and history
  • To set a default tab, use the Default Tab button on the bottom left corner of the search screen. If the button is grayed out, the default is already selected for that tab.
  • Double-clicking on the search result ends pulls up the bibliographic record.
  • To view the holdings record, use the Get Hldgs button at the icon bar at the top of the screen (Alt+R+H)
  • To view the item record, select Get Items (Alt+R+M)
  • To view the bibliographic record again, select Get Bib (Ctrl+J)


To personalize and quickly ascertain different types of records in lists, you can change the color and font style of different record types. Additional preference settings are necessary for each module.

  • Go to Options, select Preferences, then Colors/fonts.
  • Click the corresponding buttons to update preferences

Importing Records

  • Go to Record/Import/From new file (Alt+R,P,N) [Note: if the file is already open, it will be (Alt+R, P, V)]
  • Open original Hamnet record (if one exists) Recommended: split the Voyager screen between the two records (Alt+W+T)
  • Copy the 583 field from the old record and paste it into the new in chronological order (older field comes first). Copy any 79X fields and any associated 852 $z
  • Copy new 035 field (ex: ‡a (OCoLC) ocm04926471) and paste into old record to overlay it; save to DB and close (Crtl+Q) old record
  • Highlight the 541, your 583, and the 852 and copy (Ctrl+C)
  • Save to DB (Crtl+B), click continue button, look for statement that overlay was successful
  • Open the holdings record (Alt+R+H) and paste (Ctrl+V) and then delete the old 852 except for those added by Acquisitions
  • Save the holdings record (Ctrl+B)
  • Open the item record (Alt+I+M) and review for item type accuracy
  • Save and close the item record
  • Check the record in Hamnet. Recommended: manual search by call number

Holdings and Item Records

  • Select Get Holdings for copy 1 (Alt+R,H)
  • Copy/paste the 852 field into holdings record, delete old 852 and any other fields present
  • Enter field 866 for records covering multi-volume sets
  • Go to Hamnet to review updated record