Voyager bulk import

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Records can be bulk uploaded directly to Hamnet by command line on the Voyager server, or via the "webadmin" web interface to the server. Use the web interface for small batches (less than 1,000 records) only. Record sets can be bibliographic records only (Bibs); authority records only; Bibs plus holdings records (MFHDs); Bibs plus MFHDs plus Purchase Orders (POs); Bibs plus MFHDs plus Item records; or Bibs plus MFHDs plus POs plus Items.

File preparation

Examine the MARC file for non-Folger practice or unusual fields. Use a utility such as MarcGlobal to add, edit, and delete information as needed.

Common changes include:

Other changes might include:

  • Add 1XX/7XX $e Relator term based on content of $4 Relator code (Women Writers Online records: opted not to change before load: too time-consuming)

Bulk replacement

Voyager Batch Upload Information when using web interface to replace Bib records with edited records having identical Bib IDs:

  • Import Code: REPLACE (defined in SysAdmin to replace existing records with incoming records when they have the same 001)
  • Operator Name: WebReplace (defined in SysAdmin; optional, but it's useful to have something other than a blank space in the "History" tab)
  • Begin record / end record: upload the first three or so as tests before doing the rest of a large batch
  • Uncheck "Show/Approve MARC display before database load?" if you've already verified the contents and integrity of the file (it takes a long time to load them into the "preview" and there's no point if you've just had the same file open in MARCView or the equivalent)
  • Voyager 8 has a bug that prevents log files from being sent as an attachment when they're too large to send in the body of an email ("--- No log file available ---" displays in the "COMPLETED" email). Workaround: View log file in WebAdmin > Report Files.