Vocabulary in authority fields 368, 372, and 374

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Fields fields 368, 372, and 374 were added to the MARC authority format to contain certain kinds of information about the authorized access point. RDA prefers controlled vocabularies in these elements.


  • The Art & Architecture Thesaurus® Online (AAT) is the Folger's vocabulary of choice for these fields.
  • Selected data clusters are found in the current Connexion authority constant data local save file
  • Apply Connexion authority constant data of clusters for priority occupations, attributes of corporate bodies, and disciplines.
  • Cataloger's judgment on adding 374 and/or 372 for non-priority occupations, etc., with a suggested five-minute limit of research time.

Principles of cluster construction

  • Apply a broad LCSH term if it is different than the AAT term at the same level.
  • Apply appropriately narrow AAT terms. Apply broader AAT if the
  • Persons