Using Mirador in Luna

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The desktop version of Luna now uses Mirador as its viewer, allowing uses to perform image manipulations--adjusting contrast and saturation, or rating or flipping the image, for example--within Luna, as well as to easily compare multiple images side-by-side.


Mirador is an open-source viewer optimized for IIIF-compatible images. It is currently the standard viewer for the desktop version of the Folger's Luna instance.

Mirador is used in Luna's image detail view. To access its features, hover over the image with he cursor. Two icons will appear to the top-left of the image; clicking on the icon that resembles three horizontal lines with sliders on them will expand the image manipulation features.

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Using Mirador to manipulate images

The image manipulation options, from left to right, are as follows:

  • Rotate images to the right, in 90 degree increments.
  • Rotate images to the left, in 90 degree increments.
  • Adjust image brightness.
  • Adjust image contrast.
  • Adjust image saturation.
  • Toggle grayscale on and off.
  • Toggle color inversion on and off.
  • Reset image to original settings.

Using Mirador to compare images

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