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This is where I record research and practical decisions for cataloging topics and problems that aren't clear-cut.


Fixed fields

Nature of contents: 5, for "calendars"


In general, consider the clause following a short title of author's last name and year as part of the title proper.

245 10 ǂa Perkins, 1643. A new almanacke, and prognostication, for the yeere of our Lord God, 1643 : ǂb being the third from the bissextile or leape-yeere, and from the worlds creation, 5606 : composed and chiefly referred to the meridian of the famous city of London / |c made and set forth by Samuel Perkins, well-willer to the mathematicks.
246 30 ǂa New almanacke, and prognostication, for the yeere of our Lord God, 1643


Use relationship designator ǂe publisher for the Company of Stationers.

Form terms

655 7 Almanacs. ǂ2 rbgenr 
655 7 Ephemerides. ǂ2 rbgenr

Subject headings

  • None, in general.
  • Almanacs with sections containing "Astrological judgments" or similar wording, use subject heading:
650 0 Mundane astrology ǂv Early works to 1800.

Related place

Do not use MARC field 751 for the prime meridien or other associated placenames


Authority records

Entity attribute clusters

Academics (Persons)

372 English literature  ǂa Education ǂ2 lcsh 
372 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 ǂ2 naf 
374 College teachers ǂa Scholars ǂ2 lcsh 


372  Book industries and trade ǂ2 lcsh
374  Booksellers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Printers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Publishers ǂ2 itoamc

Religious figures

372  Christianity ǂa Preaching ǂ2 lcsh
373 Church of England  ǂ2 naf
374 Clergy ǂ2 itoamc
374 Minister ǂa Preacher 

Theatrical folk

372 Theater ǂ2 lcsh 
372 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 ǂ2 naf 
374 Actors ǂ2 itoamc


372 English literature ǂ2 lcsh 
372 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 ǂ2 naf 
372 Translating and interpreting  ǂ2 lcsh 
374 Translators ǂ2 itoamc


Constructing the authorized access point

Update: CC:DA has made a proposal to revise the RDA instructions for dates of expressions for the Bible, which almost exactly corresponds to my arguments. This proposal is only about changing the way that the date of expression is "recorded" rather than whether or not to use it in an authorized access point. The latter would be under the purview of PCC

Use the date as part of the "authorized access point for the expression" or not?

RDA Authorized Access Point Representing an Expression of the Bible
Construct the authorized access point representing a particular expression of the Bible or of part of the Bible by combining (in this order):
a) the authorized access point representing the work (see 6.30.1) or the part (see 6.30.2)
b) one or more of the following elements, as applicable:
i) the language of the expression (see 6.11)
ii) other distinguishing characteristic of the expression (see 6.25)
iii) the date of the expression (see 6.24).
6.24 Scope. Date of expression of a religious work is the earliest date associated with an expression of a religious work. The date of the earliest manifestation embodying the expression may be treated as the date of expression. The Bible and Parts of the Bible. Record the year of publication of the resource.

With these instructions, RDA seems to be ignoring the expression and considering the manifestation as the the expression for purposes of constructing an authorized access point. Except ... there is no requirement to add the date. But if one does record the date, it is to be of the publication of the resource, i.e., the manifestation.

Therefore, if trying to preserve the concept of "expression" for the Bible, the best AAP for the KJV is

Bible. English. Authorized.


Bible. English. Authorized. 1611. 

For consistency, the latter choice would then require the addition of the date of publication of each manifestation, creating a multitude of separate authorized access points. This is the case now in the LC/NACO Authority File (2014-07-16), in which there are 49 headings for the Authorized version. The first one is for the expression and is undated. The second is dated 1611 added, and the remaining 47 have dates extending from there.

There are no Policy Statements on this issue.

Tentative resolution: Do not add a date to the authorized access point for a Bible or part of a Bible, unless the date is the only distinguishing factor between two versions known by the same name (e.g., the Bishops' Bible was first published in 1568 and substantially revised in 1574), or, the cataloger cannot determine the version.

Early modern English versions

Version Characteristic title wording Date of first publication Authorized access point
Tyndale Byble  : that is to say all the Holy Scripture: in whych are contayned the Olde and New Testamente / truly & purely translated into English. 1534 l English. |s Tyndale
Coverdale Biblia = The Bible, that is, the Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament / faithfully and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe 1535 l English. |s Coverdale
Matthew's version The Byble, that is to saye, all the Holye Scripture : in whiche are contayned the Olde and New Testament / truly and purely translated into Englishe, & now lately with great industry & diligence recognysed. 1537 l English. |s Matthew's version
Great Bible The Byble in Englyshe, that is to saye the content of all the Holy Scrypture, both of [the] Olde and Newe Testament / truly translated after the veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes, by the dylygent studye of dyuerse excellent learned men, expert in the forsayde tonges 1539 l English. |s Great Bible
Taverner's Bible The most sacred Bible, whiche is the Holy Scripture : conteyning the Old and New Testament / translated into English, and newly recognised with great diligence after most faythful exemplars, by Rychard Taverner. 1539 l English. |s Taverner
Geneva The Bible and Holy Scriptures conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament / translated according to the Ebrue and Greke ... ; (typical of false Amsterdam imprints): The Bible that is, the Holy Scriptures conteined in the Old and New Testament / translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke. 1560 l English. |s Geneva
Bishops' Bible (original version) The holie Bible. 1568 l English. |s Bishops'. |f 1568
Bishops' Bible (revised version) The Holy Byble, conteynyng the olde Testament and the newe / set foorth by aucthoritie 1574 l English. |s Bishop's. |f 1574
King James aka Authorized The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New / newly translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised ; by His Majesties special command. 1611 l English. |s Authorized

Genre/form terms

List of form terms I've recently used that are not on our list

Formulated term Source code Copy-specific
Fiction ǂ2 rbgenr
Folding errors (Binding) ǂ2 rbbin ǂ5 DFo
Hymnals ǂ2 rbgenr
Liturgical books ǂ2 rbgenr
Prices (Publishing) ǂ2 rbpub

"Printed at the Theatre"

Oxford University Press was founded in 1586, and set up its printing shop in the basement of the Sheldonian Theatre in 1669.

Access points in bibliographic records:

7102 Oxford University Press, ǂe printer.


Subject headings

630 00 <Sermon text, if known>, subdivided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800. 
650  0 <Topic, if there is one>, subdvided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800.
610 20 Church of England (or other Christian denomination), subdivided: ǂv Sermons ǂv Early works to 1800.

Do not use subject heading: 650 0 Sermons, <language>

Genre terms

655 7 Sermons. ǂ2 rbgenr

Use all appropriate genre terms down the Sermons hierarchy. For an episcopal visitation sermon, for example:

655 7 Sermons. ǂ2 rbgenr
655 7 Occasional sermons. ǂ2 rbgenr
655 7 Visitation sermons. ǂ2 rbgenr

Location of activity

Add MARC 751 Added Entry - Geographic Nameǂ2MARC 751 for the city the sermon was delivered, if named, even if it's the same as the publication place.