University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break

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The Folger Shakespeare Library is a host institution for the University of Michigan Alternative Spring Break. From the School of Information site: "UMSI Alternative Spring Break (ASB) creates the opportunity for students to engage in a service-oriented integrative learning experience; connects public sector organizations to the knowledge and abilities of students through a social impact project; and facilitates and enhances the relationship between the School and the greater community." We are pleased to be a part of this mission.

This article contains basic information for visiting students, but students should always feel free to contact the Folger staff member(s) leading their projects.

For more information about the Folger, visit our website: If there is inclement weather, such as a snowstorm, please follow these procedures Folger inclement weather policy.

For current participants

Directions to get from the Hotel Harrington to the Folger Shakespeare Library

Allow about 20 minutes to reach the Folger by bus or metro. Going by metro involves more walking, but is faster over-all if there are traffic jams. Going by bus involves half as much walking, and is faster over-all if there are delays on metro. Use the WMATA online Trip Planner (also available as [ a mobile-friendly website) to get full directions and fare information. Enter "Harrington Hotel" and "Folger Library" as your start and end points.

Buses accept cash payment (no pennies) and re-useable SmarTrip cards. Metro only accepts SmarTrip card payment. You can purchase a SmarTrip card at the machines inside metro stations. A $10 re-usable card comes with $8 fare value pre-loaded.

First day

Please plan to arrive around 9am. There are two doors on the front of the Folger: use the one closest to 2nd Street, near the driveway.

Ask for Erin Blake at the security desk, and wait for her to meet you. If she is unavailable, her assistant Rachel Dankert will greet you. If you need to reach us by phone, the shared line is (202) 675-0323.

You will need to leave purses, bags, and coats in the Readers' Cloakroom, where there are lockers for valuables, and clear plastic bags for small things you might want to keep with you (e.g. phone, wallet, notebook).

Normal working hours

9 am to 5 pm with a one hour lunch break, and 15-minute mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.

Work attire

Business casual.

Dining options while at work

Food, drinks, and candy are not permitted in the work areas, but there is a break room, and a staff kitchen with microwaves, toaster-oven, vending machines, and fridge for bag lunches. Tea and coffee are always available, for free.

There are also a number of dining and take-out options on Pennsylvania Ave. NW, two blocks from the Folger, including Pret a Manger, Good Stuff Eatery, We the Pizza!, Firehook Bakery, Starbucks, Sweetgreen salads, and Burrito Brothers.

Feel free to ask for a list of full dining options at HR on your first day.

Should the student(s) bring anything with them (laptop, etc?)

All work materials will be provided. Do bring a sweater, as it sometimes gets chilly in the library.


Please read the Folgerpedia article "Ghost Busters: Eliminating non-existent STC numbers for Early English Books" for a basic overview of the project, and the Handling vault materials article for guidelines on working with rare books.

Another useful Folgerpedia article is the [Glossary of Folger terminology]. Long-time staff have no idea which words and acronyms are baffling to new people, so if you think of things that should be added to the glossary, please let us know.

Past projects

Past projects include "ShCol Headings" in 2012 and "ShCol Illustrations" in 2013 (details are yet to be added here).