To Richard Bagot, Langley L.a.190

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How vncharytably the par​​son of chedall (good mr​ Bagott​) hathe byne​
dealte wi​th​all by hys froward neyghbours it seemes well known​
vnto so​ you, you that I need nott any further to enfurme you​
herein. butt do haertely entreat that as you have pytyed​
his wrongfull vexaci​on​es​ in motioinge his ould adversaryes​
to an agreement, wherevnto they have assented: so do I trust​
that you will beestowe your​ traveylls vnto bromley​ on fryday​
next to effect a frenshyp betwyxt them, yf otherwyse they​
can nott be agreed by their alredy chosen arbytratons, att​
wi​th​ plase you shall have my company I doe my best herein.​
So (wi​th​ most harty comendaci​on​es​) I leave you to the almyghty.​

langley​ the xvth of January 1594​

Your​ very Loving frend​ assureddly to his pow...​​ Wylia​m​ Basset​​

if this par​​sonnes molestaci​on​es​ weare as thorowly browne vnto you as it is vnto myselfe, I am per​​suaded you would very rgeatly pytye his case. So preyinge I mey be hartely comended vnto good mrs​ bagott​ your bedfellowe, once ageine doe beetake you to the grace of god././​