The Viennese School: Music from the Court of Maximilian I (2022)

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Folger Consort performed "The Viennese School: Music from the Court of Maximilian I" from March 04 – 06, 2022 at St. Marks on Capitol Hill.


Folger Consort traces the origins of Vienna’s history as an epicenter of musical activity with music from the earliest “Viennese School” – the assembly of composers at the court of Emperor Maximilian I around the year 1500. The program celebrates one of Maximilian's brightest stars, the composer Ludwig Senfl. Although separated by centuries, connections between Senfl and later Viennese composers abound, as in the continuation of the tenorlied songwriting tradition by Franz Schubert, shared text settings by Johannes Brahms, and in the sparkling contrapuntal music of Anton Webern, who of all the later composers examined his Viennese musical heritage back to the 1500s most closely. These later Viennese works are performed in new arrangements for the Consort’s early instruments by composer David Froom, and the concert will also include the world premiere of Froom’s setting of "Lament of the City" by the poet Sue Standing. With tenor Steven Soph and Renaissance strings and winds.  


I. Music of Ludwig Senfl

Mit Lust tritt ich an diesen Tanz

Das Lang

Ach Elselein

Ich stuend an einem Morgen

Wohlauf, wohlauf, Jung und Alt

II. Senfl and the Viennese Modernists

Senfl: Canon a3 ("Laudate dominum")

Anton Webern, arranged David Froom: Canon, op.16, no.1

Senfl: Tandernacken

Arnold Schoenberg, arranged Froom: "O alter Duft" from Pierrot Lunaire

Senfl: Will niemand singen

III. World Premiere

David Froom: Lament for the City

IV. Senfl and the Romantics

Senfl: Lamentatio

Senfl/Johannes Brahms: Von edler Art

Senfl: Freundliches K.

Franz Schubert, arranged Froom: An Sylvia (from Two Gentlemen of Verona)

Senfl/Brahms: Mit Lust tät ich ausreiten

V. Music of Senfl

Lust hab ich g'habt zur Musica

Fortuna ad voces musicales

Fortuna desperata / Nasci, pati, mori

Im Maien

Ich weiss nit, was es er verhiess


Robert Eisenstein: Viol, Artistic Director

David Froom: Composer, Arranger

Christopher Kendall: Lute, Artistic Director

Anna Marsh: Winds

Dan Meyers: Winds, Percussion

Steven Soph: Tenor

Zoe Weiss: Viol