The Taming of the Shrew (Folger Theatre, 2012)

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The Folger Theatre performed their production of The Taming of the Shrew from May 1 to June 10, 2012.

The production won one Helen Hayes Award, for Outstanding Resident Play. The production was nominated for several Helen Hayes Awards, including Outstanding Ensemble, Resident Play, Outstanding Director, Resident Play, for Aaron Posner, The Robert Prosky Award for Outstanding Lead Actor, Resident Play, for Cody Nickell, Outstanding Lead Actress, Resident Play, for Kate Eastwood Norris, The James MacArthur Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor, Resident Play, for Danny Scheie, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Play, for Sarah Marshall, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Play, for Holly Twyford, and Outstanding Sound Design, Resident Production for Cliff Eberhardt, Original Music and Christopher Baine, Sound Design.


  • Katy Carkuff: The Widow, The Haberdasher
  • Edward Christian: The Pedant, The Bartender
  • Rex Daugherty**: The Tailor
  • Cliff Eberhardt: The Blind Balladeer
  • Dave Gamble: Vincentio/The Priest
  • James Gardiner**: Biondello
  • Thomas Keegan**: Lucentio
  • Marcus Kyd**: Hortensio
  • Sarah Marshall**: Baptista Minola
  • Sarah Mollo-Christensen: Bianca Minola
  • Cody Nickell**: Petruchio
  • Kate Eastwood Norris**: Katherine Minola
  • Danny Scheie**: Grumio
  • Holly Twyford**: Tranio
  • Craig Wallace**: Gremio
  • Peter Katy Carkuff, Nathaniel Edward Christian, Curtis Rex Daugherty**, Walter Dave Gamble, Rafe Jame Gardiner**, Sugarsop Sarah Mollo-Christensen: Petruchio's Home Servants


  • Jonathan W. Colby: Biondello, Rafe, Curtis, Tailor
  • Lisa Hodsoll: Baptist, Tranio
  • Emily Joshi-Powell: Bianca, Sugarsop, Widow, Haberdasher, peter
  • Pomme Koch: Lucentio, Hortensio
  • Marcus Kyd**: Petruchio
  • Janel Miley: Katherine
  • Scott Alan Small: Grumio, Vincentio, Priest, Walter
  • Aaron Tone: Gremio, Pedant, Bartender, Nathaniel