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[[Category: Public programs]]
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[[Category: Folger Consort]]
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Folger Consort and Folger Theatre performed The Second Shepherds' Play: A Medieval Mystery for the Yuletide Season from December 12 to December 30, 2007.

Charles Weaver, Robert Eisenstein, and Tom Zajac (instrumentalists). The Second Shepherds' Play, adapted and directed by Mary Hall Surface, Folger Consort, 2007. Carol Pratt.


  • Andy Brownstein: Mak
  • Holly TwyfordL Gill
  • Bob McDonald: Coll
  • Aaron Cromie: Gib
  • Chris Wilson: Daw
  • Paige Hernandez: Mary / Sheep
  • Kate Vetter Cain: Angel
  • Magdalyn Donnelly: Ensemble
  • Jon Reynolds: Ensemble
  • Robert Eisenstein: Musician
  • Charles Weaver: Musician
  • Tom Zajac: Musician


  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Robert Eisenstein and Christopher Kendall, Artistic Directors
  • Mary Hall Surface, Director / Adaptor
  • Robert Eisenstein, Music Director
  • Tony Cisek, Scenic Design
  • Dan Covey, Lighting Design
  • Erin Nugent, Costume Design
  • Aaron Cromie, Puppet Design
  • Andew Conway, Properties Design
  • Roberta Gasbarre, Choreographer
  • Caitlin McAndrews, Production Stage Manager

Production team

  • Beth Emelson: Assistant Artistic Producer
  • Donnajean Ward: Folger Consort Manager
  • Giuseppe DeBartolo: General Manager
  • Eric Grims: Production Manager / Technical Director
  • Kate Lucibella: Assistant Technical Director
  • Miriam Yoder: Assistant Stage Manager
  • Jennifer Renee Cole: Production Assistant
  • Holly Twyford: Assistant Director
  • Karen Kettnich: Dramaturg
  • Klyph Stanford: Assistant Lighting Design
  • Kimberly Morell: Costume Assistant
  • Amber Meade: Master Electrician
  • Sarah Peterson: Light Board Operator
  • Miguel Hermann: Sound Board Operator
  • Susan Schulman: Wardrobe
  • Atreus Works: Set Construction / Installation

Other media

In this three-part series From Ill-Spun Wool: The Second Shepherds' Play and Early English Theater, producer Richard Paul talks with artists, scholars, and medievalists about this most mysterious of mystery plays.

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