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File:Mww1.jpg|The merry wives (Regina Aquino, left and Ami Brabson) share a good laugh at the expense of the scheming Falstaff. Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww1.jpg|The merry wives (Regina Aquino, left and Ami Brabson) share a good laugh at the expense of the scheming Falstaff. Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww2.jpg|An irritable Dr. Caius (Cody Nickell) gives orders to his servant Mistress Quickly (Kate Eastwood Norris). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww2.jpg|An irritable Dr. Caius (Cody Nickell) gives orders to his servant Mistress Quickly (Kate Eastwood Norris). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww3.jpg|Falstaff (Brian Mani) asks Pistol (Danielle Gallo) to deliver his two identical love letters to a couple of merry wives in the town of Windsor. Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww4.jpg|The gold-digging Falstaff (Brian Mani) tries to seduce Mrs. Page (Regina Aquino). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww5.jpg|A suspicious Dr. Caius (Cody Nickell) demands answers from Mistress Quickly (Kate Eastwood Norris) after capturing Simple (Derrick Truby, left) Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww6.jpg|Falstaff (Brian Mani) uses his brazen skills of seduction on a surprised Mrs. Ford (Ami Brabson). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww7.jpg|Abraham Slender (Brian Reisman) is a bit uncomfortable at wooing the town’s most eligible bachelorette, Anne Page (Linda Bard). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww8.jpg|Falstaff (Brian Mani, right) reports back to a disguised Mr. Ford (Eric Hissom) on the affairs of Mrs. Ford in Folger Theatre’s 1970’s-infused The Merry Wives of Windsor. Cameron Whitman Photography.
File:Mww9.jpg|The cast of The Merry Wives of Windsor breaks out in full 1970s dance. Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww10.jpg|Mistress Quickly (Kate Eastwood Norris) meets in secret with the scheming Falstaff (Brian Mani). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww11.jpg|Fenton (Dante Robert Rossi) consoles his true love, Anne Page (Linda Bard). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww12.jpg|Mrs. Page (Regina Aquino, left) and Mrs. Ford (Ami Brabson), Windsor’s merry wives, having fun retaliating against a conniving Falstaff (Brian Mani). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww13.jpg|Mine Host (Louis E. Davis, left) cozies up to Dr. Caius (Cody Nickell). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww14.jpg|Slender (Brian Reisman, left) and Justice Shallow (Tommy A. Gomez) try to understand Windsor's local glergyman, the Welsh-accented Sir John Hughes (Todd Scofield). Cameron Whitman Photography
File:Mww15.jpg|The cast of Folger Theatre's The Merry Wives of Windsor! Cameron Whitman Photography

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Folger Theatre produced William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Aaron Posner, from January 16 to March 1, 2020.

Cameron Whitman Photography. The cast of Folger Theatre's The Merry Wives of Windsor!

Some appetites never go out of style. The pursuit of money is bound to backfire when the targets are smarter than their gold-digging schemer. Falstaff’s dubious plan to woo Windsor’s wealthy housewives is met with hilarious retaliation, when the ladies devise a plot to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget. The comedic comeuppance is an absolute treat in Shakespeare’s delightful comedy on love, money, deception, and the wiles of women.


Entertainment unions represented in Folger Theatre productions include The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (**), United Scenic Artists (***), and the Actors' Equity Association (*), which includes members of the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.


  • Regina Aquino*: Mistress Page
  • Linda Bard: Anne Page/Bardolph
  • Ami Brabson*: Mistress Ford
  • Louis E. Davis*: Mine Host
  • Danielle Gallo: Pistol/J. Rugby/ Roberta
  • Tommy Gomez*: Justice Shallow
  • Eric Hissom*: Ford
  • Brian Mani*: Falstaff
  • Cody Nickell*: Dr. Caius
  • Kate Eastwood Norris*: Mistress Quickly
  • Brian Reisman: Abraham Slender
  • Dante Robert Rossi: Nym/Fenton
  • Todd Scofield*: Sir Hugh Evans
  • Tyee Tilghman*: Page
  • Derrick Truby: Simple/John


  • Natalie Cutcher: Mistress Page
  • John Flyod: Simple/John, Mine Host
  • Karolina Keach: Mistress Ford, Mistress Quickly
  • Jeff Raab: Dr. Caius, Sir Hugh Evans
  • Dante Robert Ross: Page
  • Ryan Sellers: Ford
  • Rachael Small: Anne Page, Pistol/J. Rugby/ Roberta
  • Tyee Tilghman*: Falstaff
  • Derrick Truby: Justice Shallow
  • Alex Turner: Abraham Slender, Nym/Fenton

Creative Team

  • Aaron Posner**, Director
  • Tony Cisek***, Scenic Design
  • Devon Painter***, Costume Design
  • Max Doolittle***, Lighting Design
  • Matthew Nielson***, Original Music and Sound Design
  • Michele Osherow: Resident Dramaturg
  • Eisenburg/Bean Casting, New York Casting
  • Folger Casting, Manna-Symone Middlebrooks
  • Marcedes L. Clanton*, Production Stage Manager
  • Juliet Jewett*, Assistant Stage Manager

Production Team

  • Charlie Marie McGrath, Associate Director,
  • Clancey Vonanovich, Assistant Director
  • Kelli Jones, Production Assistant
  • Lisa Nathans, Dialect Coach
  • Lorraine Ressegger-Slone, Intimacy Director
  • Tro Shaw, Choreography
  • Bella Faccia, Inc., Set Construction
  • Cameron Osterneck, Prop Master
  • Willow Watson, Prop Assistant
  • Jeanette Christensen, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Denise O'Brien, Wig Designer
  • Cindey Forkpah, Wardrobe Head
  • Jenn Pinkos, First Hand
  • Daisy Howard, Stitcher
  • Alex Keen, Master Electrician
  • Kristen Roth, Assistant Electrician
  • Brandon Roe, Sound Engineer
  • Kara Jobe, For Eisenburg/Beans Casting Casting Intern
  • OpenBox9, Graphic Design & Advertising Agency
  • Emily Tartenella, Marketing Design Consultant
  • Brittany Diliberto & Bee Two Sweet Photography, Promotional Photography
  • C. Stanley Photography, Production Photography
  • Chiet Productions & Leon Swerdel-Rich, Promotional & Production Video
  • WAPAVA, Archival Video
  • C2, Open Captioning

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Associate Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager
  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director

Other Media


“It’s 1972 at the Folger—and it’s quite the time! Loads of fun” – BroadwayWorld

“Like a good fondue, it’s super cheesy … and a treat” - DCist

“A hilarious send-up of the 70s … makes for a merry evening indeed” – DC Theatre Scene

“Aaron Posner adds some trippy twists to The Merry Wives of Windsor" - City Paper

"Magnificently ridiculous ... quite possibly the best Wives you'll ever see" - Metro Weekly

"Riotously funny ... the cast is stellar" - DC Metro Theater Arts

"Fabulous ... full of fun, frivolity, and rad tunes" - MD Theatre Guide

"Hilarious … you are in for a treat” – The Zebra

"It's a hoot" - The Georgetowner

Two hours of fun and frivolity ... you can't help but feel groovy" - Plays To See

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