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*Leslie Nero: violin
*Leslie Nero: violin
*Brent Wissick: cello, viol
*Brent Wissick: cello, viol
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In their centerpiece celebration of the season, The Four Seasons: Antonio Vivaldi, Christopher Simpson & John Cage, Folger Consort performed works by two other composers who were also captivated with the idea of a set of pieces based on the seasons from January 7 to January 8, 2011 at the Washington National Cathedral. Christopher Simpson’s virtuosic set from 17th-century England for violin and two viols is a high point in the literature for viol in the same way that Vivaldi’s concertos are for the violin. Along with Simpson, the music of 20th-century American composer John Cage was heard in a new arrangement of his atmospheric ballet The Seasons for baroque instruments and percussion.

Detail of Caspar David Friedrich's Hill and Ploughed Field near Dresden (c. 1824).


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

  • Robert Eisenstein: viol, violin
  • Christopher Kendall: theorbo, conductor

Guest artists: orchestra

  • Julie Andrijeski: violin
  • Risa Browder: violin
  • Wade Davis: cello
  • Michael De Sapio: violin
  • Nina Falk: viola
  • Joseph Gascho: harpsichord, organ
  • Marta Howard: viola
  • June Huang: violin
  • John Kilkenny: percussion
  • Mark Kuss: synthesizer
  • Caroline Levy: violin
  • Anthony J. Marini: viola
  • John Moran: cello
  • J. Tracy Mortimore: violone
  • Leslie Nero: violin
  • Brent Wissick: cello, viol