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This is one of a series of articles which describes a template that will allow for consistent and easy article creation on Folgerpedia.

Help others jump start their research by contributing research guides or lists of collection materials that would be of interest to the rest of the community. Title your article with the research topic (person, place, or subject) or format (e.g. herbals, bibles, promptbooks, diaries, books of hours, etc) that is the focus of the guide. Click the "piece of paper" symbol in the upper right corner of your page and select "Edit Source." In this editing mode, copy the code below the line (<hr/>) into the "creating" page to get a head-start on creating an article for a research guide on a specific person or topic. You probably won't need all the sections listed below, they are simply suggestions. The is necessary for all Research guide articles, but other categories can be used as applicable, such as "Bibliography" when the finding aid includes a number of secondary works.

You can save a DRAFT of your article by putting {{Draft}} as the first word in the article. But you should feel free to save your work as is and others will help you build your article as well. Don't forget to remove the "template" category from your finished article!

Examples of creator research guides:

Augustin Daly

Samuel Hieronymus Grimm

John Lydgate

Examples of collection-level research guides:

Henderson collection

Short paragraph explaining of the subject of the list

X at the Folger

The guide, broken up by whatever major divisions make sense (format, volume, topic, etc).

Include call numbers and links to Hamnet, Luna digital images and Finding aids whenever possible.

You can save a DRAFT of your article by putting {{draft}} as the first word in the article.


Researching promptbooks at the Folger

Definition of subject, if appropriate.

Collecting and Cataloging X at the Folger

Describes the collection history for that type of text at the Folger, including major acquisitions and any changes in collection or cataloging policies.

Searching for X

Provides tips for finding that type of material in Hamnet, our online catalogue, or LUNA, our digital image collection.


Secondary works about the material in question.

Other Research guides

Links to other online research guides for the topic: