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*[[MARC 583 Action Note]] (MARC bibligraphic article)
*[[MARC 583 Action Note]] (MARC bibligraphic article)
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This is one of a series of articles which describes a template that will allow for consistent and easy article creation on Folgerpedia. See Cataloging style manual for MARC articles for information about formatting the content.

This template is for recording information about MARC fields in catalog records. Select the "piece of paper symbol" in the upper right of your screen. Under "edit source," copy the code below the line (<hr/>) into the "creating" page to get a head-start on creating an article for a MARC field. You may not need all the sections listed below; they are simply suggestions.

Use the MediaWiki "find-and-replace" function for substituting "Formatname" and "Tag" with the appropriate values, by expanding "Advanced" on the Toolbar and selecting the icon on the far right.


MARC field Tag in the Formatname format contains [text]. This field is [not] repeatable.

Commonly-used tags


2nd: Undefined
Indicators: Undefined

Subfield delimiters


Policy and formulation


External links

  • [URL MARC Formatname Tag]
  • [URL MARC Formatname Tag in Cataloger's Desktop] (Access limited by licensing agreements)
  • [URL OCLC MARC Bibliographic Tag]
  • [URL DCM Z1 Tag in Cataloger's Desktop] (Access limited to Folger staff)