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This is one of a series of articles which describes a template that will allow for consistent and easy article creation on Folgerpedia.

Help others jumpstart their research by contributing information about an exhibition at the Folger. Title your article with the name of the exhibtion, (eg. Shakespeare's the Thing, Very Like a Whale, Shakespeare in American Life). All exhibitions should be listed on the Exhibitions at the Folger page and are listed in sequential order. If you are creating the page name on the Exhibitions page mark it as [[Name of exhibition|''Name of exhibition'']] (date) so that the article title is shown in italics but will remain without them for the actual page.

Click the "piece of paper" symbol in the upper right corner of your page and select "Edit Source." In this editing mode, copy the code below the line (<hr/>) into the "creating" page to get a head-start on creating an article for a finding aid on a specific person or topic. You probably won't need all the sections listed below, they are simply suggestions. Two categories:Exhibitions and Public Programs is necessary for all exhibition articles, but other designators can be used as applicable.

Addition Templates are also available if an exhibition requires additional pages.

Don't forget to remove the "template" category from your finished article!

You can save a DRAFT of your article by putting {{draft}} as the first word in the article.


David Garrick, 1717–1779: A Theatrical Life
Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible
Nobility and Newcomers in Renaissance Ireland

Begin the exhibition article with: Name of exhibition, one of the Exhibitions at the Folger opened on (date) and closed on (date). You can also add information about curator and catalog subsections for these will not be shown later.

Include a brief desription of the exhibition.


Curator's insights

When curator's insights are available, add them here.

Contents of the exhibition

Exhibition material

Template for exhibition material lists articles

Scholars' insights on ...

Template for scholars' insights for exhibitions articles

Exhibition name children's exhibition

If there is a children's exhibition, a subpage for it should be created with the name [[Exhibition name children's exhibition|''Exhibition name'' children's exhibition]] and the subpage should follow the Template for children's exhibition articles.

Any family guide should be added to this section as well.

Supplemental materials

Any additional material about the exhibition should go into this section. The following are common sections, and use what is needed.


Include any audio files here. Each file should get its own subhead and if an item is described, listing that is also nice.


Include a brief introduction and then link to any video here.

Related publications

Folger produced catalogs or other publications created for the exhibition should be listed here.

In the News

Any key news articles discussing the exhibition can go here. Arranged chronologically with the oldest first.

Related programs

Any other events occurring at the Folger can go in this section. Arranged chronologically with the oldest first. Titles are intralinked to related pages if not linked earlier.

Talks and Screenings at the Folger

Currently Family programs have gone in this section as well.

Folger Theatre

Folger Consort

Folger Institute

Suggestions for further reading