Teaching Medieval Drama and Performance (colloquium)

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This was a 2016-2017 colloquium led by Theresa Coletti.

This colloquium welcomes advanced scholars whose research and pedagogical practice explore historical, literary, and theoretical dimensions of medieval drama from the perspective of performance. Some sessions may include workshop opportunities and visiting contributors; participants’ own research projects will shape others. Questions to be addressed might include: what is the role of medieval performative practices in the contemporary teaching of medieval drama? What classroom opportunities are offered by a focus on medieval performance? What archival resources—and in what forms—might facilitate this focus or mitigate common challenges? Performative practices may be broadly construed and participant contributions may include practical experiments and applications in the college classroom.

DirectorTheresa Coletti is Professor of English at the University of Maryland. She is the author of Naming the Rose: Eco, Medieval Signs, and Modern Theory and Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints: Theater, Gender, and Religion in Late Medieval England; many essays and reviews on medieval drama; and editor of the forthcoming TEAMS edition of the Digby Mary Magdalene play.