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Thinking out loud: formulation and preferences

  • Use the shared local file AuthorityConstantData for all activities and occupations already provided for.
  • For recurring activities and occupations without constant data, consult the NACO Coordinator
  • Prefer drawing out activities and occupations that are of relevance to the Folger: booktrade, performing arts, writers, scholars, translators, editors. *No need to be comprehensive for persons and corporations with widely varying activities (But, see question below)
  • 372
    • Use broad and narrow terms in 372; generally, a broad term from LCSH along with broad and narrow terms from AAT, as exist in constant data cluster
    • Prefer the AAT Activities Facet > Disciplines hierarchy
    • Disciplines hierarchy for scholarly output
  • 374
    • Use narrow terms in 374. Prefer the AAT Agents Facet
  • Questions
    • For out-of-scope (to us) occupations and activities, how about if we let the cataloger choose a narrow occupation from AAT or ITOAMC or wherever, but not bother with trying to come up with a field of endeavor or area of expertise?
    • How clustered do we want the constant data clusters to be? For example, translators of plays and poetry and prose all get "374 Translators." Do we want the constant data record to be inclusive, and have the cataloger delete terms that don't pertain, or divided into smaller clusters and have the cataloger add the component parts to build the NAR? [Create examples]

--Deborah J. Leslie (talk) 15:28, 23 March 2015 (EDT)