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==Booktrade attribute clusters==
==Attribute clusters==
I'm becoming more interested in using aat for 368, 372, and 374, because it's actually a thesaurus built according to a sophisticated syndetic structure according to international standards. Here are some comparisons.
Use of redundant LCSH in clusters: policy decision pending --[[User:DeborahLeslie|Deborah J. Leslie]] ([[User talk:DeborahLeslie|talk]]) 09:40, 7 January 2017 (EST)
368  Businesses (business enterprises) ǂ2 aat
368  Educational institutions ǂ2 aat
368  Libraries (institutions) ǂ2 aat
368  Nonprofit organizations ǂ2 aat
368  Religious institutions ǂ2 aat
368  Business enterprises ǂ2 lcsh
368  Libraries ǂ2 lcsh
368  Nonprofit organizations ǂ2 lcsh
368  Religious institutions ǂ2 lcsh
368  Schools ǂ2 lcsh
'''aat''' (no counterpart to LCSH "Book industries and trade")
372  Bookselling
372  Printing (process)
372  Printmaking
372  Publishing
372  Book industries and trade ǂ2 lcsh
374  Bookbinders ǂ2 aat
374  Booksellers ǂ2 aat
374  Conservators (people in conservation) ǂ2 aat
374  Printers (people) ǂ2 aat
374  Printmakers ǂ2 aat
374  Publishers ǂ2 aat
374  Bookbinders ǂ2 itoamc
374  Booksellers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Engravers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Printers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Publishers ǂ2 itoamc
374  Bookbinders ǂ2 lcsh
374  Printers ǂ2 lcsh
374  Publishers ǂ2 lcsh
--[[User:DeborahLeslie|Deborah J. Leslie]] ([[User talk:DeborahLeslie|talk]]) 16:47, 2 March 2015 (EST)

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Attribute clusters

Use of redundant LCSH in clusters: policy decision pending --Deborah J. Leslie (talk) 09:40, 7 January 2017 (EST)