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Hansjürgen Blinn & Schmidt's 2003 Shakespeare-deutsch (PR2971.G3 B57 2003) is a very good bibliography of Shakespeare in German, but of course, it has errors and omissions. This page will include notes and amendments to supplement the book; at this time, it will not list works missing from the bibliography entirely, though it may note variants of recorded works. Some of these notes have been written into the Folger copy.

This article was initially created by Alex Kyrios, Folger Cataloger, while cataloging post-1830 German editions of Shakespeare.

Collected works

  • C 90: Band 1 was published in 1809, not 1810, so the Berlin edition was published 1809-1810.
  • C 330: The Folger's 1838 copy lacks "dramatische" in the title, though the only other one-volume version listed is an illustrated one from 1842.
  • C 500: The translator is Johann Frederick Jencken (1786-1864). See C 9140 under #Individual works and "Jencken, Ferdinand Edwards" under #Names.
  • C 510: Cited as nine volumes, the Folger's copy appears complete in eight. This may come down to a difference in bindings, though.
  • C 590: See this catalog note for distinctions between this edition, C 610, and C 800.
  • C 610: See this catalog note for distinctions between this edition, C 590, and C 800.
  • C 760: There appear to be at least two variants of this edition, both owned by the Folger. Cornell's copy, as digitized by HathiTrust, conforms to the citation. The first lacks Vienna on the title page and the series statement, and has different advertisements. The second lacks Vienna, the series statement, and the advertisements. It also has an edition of the sonnets (also found in C 650 and separately as C 29130) in volume 9 that appears to be part of the same printing, though separately paged. The sonnets have an added title page, as does the introduction by Rudolph Genée in volume 1.
  • C 800: See this catalog note for distinctions between this edition, C 590, and C 610.
  • C 1430: The page counts for Coriolanus, Henry IV, and Merry Wives are wrong. They should be 199, 165, and 167, respectively, rather than 109, 105, and 107. On the items, the stems on 6s and 9s are small, and either number could easily be mistaken for a 0. Blinn & Schmidt may have faithfully transcribed numbers which were previously recorded erroneously. Coriolanus is also listed individually at C 7780 with a correct page count. That may be a duplicate citation, although none of the other five plays in this set have individual listings.
Also, Henry IV seems to be Part 1 only. That's true of the Folger's copy, which already has more pages than in the citation. German catalog records all say 165 pages as well.
  • C 1480: See this catalog note for distinctions between this edition and C 1500.
  • C 1500: See this catalog note for distinctions between this edition and C 1480.
  • C 1510: Editor's name is Otto Görner, not Otto Körner. While there are at least three people with this name active around the same time (1, 2, 3), they were two physicians and a printer. The editor may be this Otto Görner, who was active at the time and wrote a work on drama.
  • C 1590: Only one volume is listed, though the Folger has a second volume (Die beiden Edelleute von Verona, Was ihr wollt, Viel Lärm un Nichts, Ein Sommernachtstraum). See this catalog note for further information.
  • C 1610: Editor's name is Willi Koch, not Willi Horch. If "Engl. / dt. Eingeleitet" suggests a bilingual edition, this is wrong too, though my German may fail me here.
  • C 2370: C 36360 (Twelfth Night) is a special edition of this series.

Individual works

  • C 7780 (Coriolanus): It's unclear if this is a duplicate listing for the Coriolanus volume in C 1430. This citation gives the correct pagination.
  • C 8580 (Cymbeline): The Folger has a variant of this edition. The publisher and place of publication differ, it has "Entr'actes" instead of "Entr'acte" in the title, and it has "... Stadttheater zu Leipzig, Bremen..." instead of "... Stadttheater zu Leipzig, zu Bremen..."on the title page. Since the Folger's copy was published in Oldenburg, one of the theaters listed, it's possible local variants were published to coincide with stagings.
  • C 9140 (Hamlet): See entry for "Jencken, Ferdinand Edwards" under #Names. The foreword in this work is signed "London, 1828, Ferdinand Jencken", but F.E. Jencken was only born in 1823! The actual translator is his father, Johann Frederick Jencken (1786-1864).
  • C 9610 (Hamlet): The difference between this [1912] edition and C 9730 ([1920]) is unclear.
  • C 9730 (Hamlet): The difference between this [1920] edition and C 9610 ([1912]) is unclear.
  • C 12340 (Julius Caesar): Should read "J. K. G. Schütt" on title page rather than "J. K. S." The printer printed another edition of this work in the same year, published by Akademische Buchhandlung in Kiel.
  • C 12370 (Julius Caesar): 72 pages, not 65. I think this is an error rather than different edition because the plays from this publisher appear rather rare, and there's no record of them ever publishing more than one edition of the same play.
  • C 12450 (Julius Caesar): The Folger's copy may be a variant, perhaps an error from an early print run. See the catalog record for details.
  • C 18730 (Macbeth): 66 pages, not 65
  • C 21790 (Midsummer): The first four editions are listed, with 88 pages for the first and 90 for the third; presumably, the second and fourth editions have 88 pages as well. But the Folger's copies of the second and fourth editions also have 90 pages. So it looks like only the first edition had 88 pages, and it's 90 pages from the second edition on.
  • C 24920 (Pericles): The cities on the title page are, in order: Zürich, Leipzig, Wien. Blinn & Schmidt only list Wien.
  • C 27170 (R&J): The translator is "E.G.L.", not "F.G.L." (We still don't seem to know who it is, though.)
  • C 27190 (R&J): The listing has an 1875 first edition and an 1890 second. The statements of responsibility for each edition are given as "Mit Photographien nach den Original-Cartons von Ferdinand Piloty" and "Mit Heliographien und Holzschnitten nach Ferdinand Piloty" respectively. But the Folger's 1875 copy has "Mit Photographien und Holzschnitten nach Ferdinand Piloty". In addition to these two listed editions, there's an 1889 "Neue Ausgabe" (the 1890 edition is both "Neue Ausgabe" and "Zweite Auflage"), with the same statement of responsibility as the 1890 edition.
  • C 27330 (R&J): This is an adorable miniature edition. The Folger's copy has 477 pages. Blinn & Schmidt cites it as 467. Another citation in the catalog record supports Blinn & Schmidt's dating of 1909, but this may represent a different edition. The only other miniature from this publisher in Blinn & Schmidt is a Hamlet, C 9530, dated 1909. It's definitely not a match for the Folger's miniature Hamlet, which is dated 1924 on the title page. So while this R&J has been identified with Blinn & Schmidt's 1909 edition, this could also be wrong.
  • C 32210 (Shrew): 161 pages, not 159. The play text ends on 159, but 161 is the last numbered page (there's content on the verso of that page, so you could also say 162).
  • C 34230 (Timon): Two imprints are listed, but not the Folger's copy, which has the same title, year of publication, and page count.
  • C 36360 (Twelfth Night): A special edition of the series C 2370.


  • The "Jencken, Ferdinand Edwards" listed in the index and C 9140 is a misidentification of the translator only listed as "Ferdinand Jencken" or "Dr. F. Jencken" in print. Ferdinand Edward Jencken (1823-1881) was a physician, based in England and Ireland, who wrote two works in English on cholera. His father, Johann Frederick Jencken (1786-1864), is the actual translator. See this work for more on J.F. Jencken, edited by another one of his sons, Henry Diedrich Jencken (1828-1881).