Standard terminology for catalog notes

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This article gives examples of standard ways that notes are worded in Hamnet records. Keep in mind that notes employ natural language, and as such, the wording will vary as needed to convey the information clearly and concisely. More technical information for catalogers is available at MARC 500 General Note.

This page will be built gradually as different kinds of notes are encountered in the course of cataloging.

Anonymity and identification

Published anonymously; author unknown.
Published anonymously; by [...].
Published anonymously; attributed to [...] 
L.B.P. is Luke Beaulieu. 
The translator, '[initials as given on resource]' has not been identified.

Concealed editions

Two different editions are known. Distinguishing point of the edition described here: A1r catchword is 'and'. In the other edition (ESTC S102079), A1r catchword is 'worke,'. STC does not distinguish between the editions.


Includes bibliographical references and index.
Includes biblical references. 
(from title page): [when transcribing formal contents note]