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31 May 2023

     15:33  (Deletion log) [ErinBlake‎ (2×)]
15:33 ErinBlake talk contribs deleted page Trevelyon Embroidered Cap(content was: "This item was featured in a temporary display alongside a reproduction of an opening of "The Trevelyon Miscellany" in the Tea Room case at the Folger Shakespeare Library as one of the Tea Room temporary exhibitions from October 2015 to the present. == Item Labels == Thomas Trevelyon Miscellany Manuscript, 1608 fol. 266r Thomas Trevelyon was sixty years old when he created what is now known as “The Trevelyon Miscellany.” While the compiler reveals little about...")
15:32 ErinBlake talk contribs deleted page Tea Room temporary exhibitions(content was: "The Tea Room is one of several spaces that is capable of hosting small displays at the Folger Shakespeare Library. The purpose of the Tea Room Case is to exhibit items that will inspire and interest Scholars, staff, and guests who might be partaking in afternoon Tea, brown-bag lunch, or other Tea Room activities. Ideally, it should bolster their passion for the study of Shakespeare and his Period. (As communicated by Lee Merritt Folger) == Temporary Displays == * Trevel...")

30 May 2023

 m   17:34  Fooles and Fricassees: Food in Shakespeare's England diffhist −39 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Feasts & Fancies: Celebrating Christmas in England: Corrected call number)
     12:17  Bacon-Townshend collection‎‎ 2 changes history +36 [ErinBlake‎ (2×)]
12:17 (cur | prev) +120 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Transcriptions: Added corrected link)
11:59 (cur | prev) −84 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Transcriptions: Removed bad link pending fix)
     12:14  (Move log) [ErinBlake‎ (2×)]
12:14 ErinBlake talk contribs moved page Talk:Bacon Townshend collection 'To Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend) to Talk:Bills and receipts of mercers, etc. to Lady Jane (Stanhope) Townshend, L.d.802-813(Fuller title and call number needed)
12:14 ErinBlake talk contribs moved page Bacon Townshend collection 'To Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend) to Bills and receipts of mercers, etc. to Lady Jane (Stanhope) Townshend, L.d.802-813(Fuller title and call number needed)
     12:00 Deletion log ErinBlake talk contribs deleted page Bacon-Townshend collection 'To Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend)'(Redundant: content was: "Below is a basic semi-diplomatic transcription of a bill/receipt to Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend). Henry Clay Folger purchased the Bacon-Townshend papers in October 1925 from Mr. Frank Marcham, a London rare book and manuscript dealer. This transcription was originally completed as part of the first Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO ==Transcription [ L.d.807 fol....)
     11:58  Talk:Bacon Townshend collection 'To Lady Jane Stanhope (Townshend) diffhist +230 ErinBlake talk contribs (Answered Beth's question)
     10:57  Letter from Thomas Norton to Francis Mylles diffhist −1 ErinBlake talk contribs (Added Transcriptions tag)

25 May 2023

     17:18  List of reference sources of use in cataloging diffhist +98 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Nationalities: Added Clergy of the Church of England)
 m   10:56  2022-2023 Folger Institute Scholarly Programs‎‎ 2 changes history −1,067 [OwenWilliams‎ (2×)]
10:56 (cur | prev) −1,076 OwenWilliams talk contribs (bolded names and added line breaks)
10:50 (cur | prev) +9 OwenWilliams talk contribs

22 May 2023

     13:40  Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "Making Blackness" diffhist +1 OwenWilliams talk contribs (moved the lecture and transcript link to the top)

18 May 2023

15 May 2023

12 May 2023

N    08:32  Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture: "Making Blackness"‎‎ 4 changes history +3,142 [LeahThomas‎ (4×)]
08:32 (cur | prev) +16 LeahThomas talk contribs
08:31 (cur | prev) +46 LeahThomas talk contribs
08:29 (cur | prev) +4 LeahThomas talk contribs
08:28 (cur | prev) +3,076 LeahThomas talk contribs (Created page with "This article is about the annual Shakespeare Birthday lecture. View the full list of all Shakespeare Birthday Lectures to date here. For other articles about Shakespeare's Birthday, see Shakespeare's Birthday (disambiguation). For more past programming from the Folger Institute, please see the article Folger Institute scholarly programs archive. This was a lecture given by Ian Smith on April 22, 2023, postponed...")
 m   08:22  Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture diffhist +122 LeahThomas talk contribs

11 May 2023

     18:39  MARC 655 Index Term - Genre/Form diffhist −295 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Policy and formulation: Updated to current standards)
 m   13:52  Collections of records in the catalog‎‎ 2 changes history −1 [ErinBlake‎ (2×)]
13:52 (cur | prev) −6 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: tweaked queries) Tag: Visual edit
11:18 (cur | prev) +5 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: Updated queries to match TIND backend)

10 May 2023

N    19:55  Authorities in the catalog‎‎ 3 changes history +1,529 [ErinBlake‎ (3×)]
19:55 (cur | prev) 0 ErinBlake talk contribs (Changed RBMS links from alphabetical to hierarchical)
19:38 (cur | prev) +11 ErinBlake talk contribs (Formatting)
17:47 (cur | prev) +1,518 ErinBlake talk contribs (Created page)
     19:26  Collections of records in the catalog‎‎ 5 changes history +2,694 [ErinBlake‎ (5×)]
19:26 (cur | prev) +127 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: Moved All Authority Records to end)
19:16 (cur | prev) +1,943 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: Added remaining entries)
14:00 (cur | prev) +18 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: formatting only)
13:57 (cur | prev) +275 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Authorities: Added title info)
13:53 (cur | prev) +331 ErinBlake talk contribs (Added Authorities section)
     16:19  Recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library‎‎ 6 changes history +3,087 [HeatherWolfe‎ (6×)]
16:19 (cur | prev) +131 HeatherWolfe talk contribs
16:12 (cur | prev) +228 HeatherWolfe talk contribs
15:58 (cur | prev) +136 HeatherWolfe talk contribs
12:14 (cur | prev) +75 HeatherWolfe talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
12:11 (cur | prev) −110 HeatherWolfe talk contribs (minor corrections) Tag: Visual edit
12:06 (cur | prev) +2,627 HeatherWolfe talk contribs (additions of new acquisitions)

9 May 2023

 m   13:19  Recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library diffhist +21 HeatherWolfe talk contribs (addition of FAST ACC numbers)
     07:54  List of digital resources at the Folger diffhist +177 AbbieWeinberg talk contribs (→‎F: added FF link)

5 May 2023

     11:55  Shakespeare collection diffhist +297 ErinBlake talk contribs (→‎Classification: added: letter "i" was skipped, letter "l" was preceded by a hyphen to distinguish it from the number "1")

3 May 2023

     09:55  Our Verse in Time to Come (2023)‎‎ 2 changes history +7 [RebekahSheffer‎ (2×)]
09:55 (cur | prev) +4 RebekahSheffer talk contribs (added creative union affiliations)
09:07 (cur | prev) +3 RebekahSheffer talk contribs (added content)